What It Takes to be a USA Game Room Champion

USA Game Room

1.  Practice everyday. This should be one you already know!


2.  Use USA Made products. Like your Delta-13 Rack! This is the most accurate pool ball rack on the market and it can help your game by identifying undersized balls, giving you a tighter break with more ball spread and more balls in the pockets. Remember, the break is the most important shot in the game of pool. Why Buy Made in the USA?


3.  Teach yourself how to play the game if you are new to it or ask a friend who’s a seasoned player.  Chess is a great example of a game that most people do not dabble in as it can be confusing for those who have never played.  Step outside your boundaries and learn a new game!


4.  Challenge the best players in your household or in your friend group. Playing with people that are better than you will help you improve your game.


5.  Patience and Focus. This is a great one especially when you are playing Shuffleboard. Learning to throw the puck at just the right speed, can take some time to master.


6.  Think Positive and Be Confident. You might master the game right away or it may take awhile, but always remember to think positively about your game and be confident when playing others.


7.  Quick, both mentally and physically. Being quick physically can help you when you are playing a game of Foosball as you need to have quick reactions to the ball. You need to be quick mentally when you are playing a board game and need to be smart about your next move.


8.  Good Concentration. This comes into play when you are playing a game of Poker for a long amount of time. You need to be able to concentrate on the game and make good decisions about your next move. This is also key during a pool match when, as we all know, you need to plan your shots in advance and in order to do so, you need to have good concentration on the game.


9.  Work Hard. Hard work plays a big role in winning. The more effort you put in, the better you become and the higher chances you have of winning. Florian Kohler is a great example of a trick shot artist that works hard.  He started playing pool when he was 18 (a late bloomer) and has been a top pool player in the world for many years now.


10.  Set Goals for yourself. This is a good way to hold yourself accountable and help improve your game. Set goals to win!

“What does it take to be #1?” Share your thoughts with us on Twitter, @thedelta13. Delta-13 is your ultimate game room decor destination. Check out the links in this blog to find cool USA game room products we sell.


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