Pool Predictions for 2018

Pool predictions for 2018

Here is what we think is going to happen over the course of the year in billiards...Agree...Disagree...or share with us your predictions! These are things we think you will see more of in the pool industry in 2018. Hey, you might even partake in a few of these!

Bringing your own equipment to the pool hall

If you are a pool player, you know how cheap and used the equipment can be in a pool hall.  Not to mention, it does nothing to help your game.  More and more people are starting to bring their own cues, racks, chalk and even balls! Why? So they can improve their game, use quality equipment and have more fun playing!

Buying a pool table for your man cave

You don’t have to be a “pool player” to own a pool table.  As more and more men create man caves and game rooms, they are purchasing pool tables to put in these spaces.  Pool is a sport you can play at any time with anyone! It is a great game to have in your basement to play when friends are over or a fun activity with your kids.  

Investing in a few pool lessons with a pro to make your game stronger

Most pool halls have House Pros you can schedule lessons with to help improve your pool game or brush up on a few techniques.  If there is something you just can’t get right or a bad habit you are having a hard time shaking that is affecting your game, the pro players can help you! If you are looking to win some tournaments this year, schedule some lessons with your pool hall house pro.

More kids will start playing pool

Today kids have people like Matthew Webber and Jaden Dupree to look up to who started playing pool when they were young (and still are). These two especially are known on YouTube for their cool pool trick shot skills. Matthew has also made lots of appearances on various tv shows in and out of the US, getting his name and talent out there to share with everyone. Your children can learn how to play pool at any age, so start now!  

Pool and trick shot YouTube videos will continue to be popular

If you follow any top trick shot artists like Florian Kohler, you will notice they post videos often.  Whether its showing off a new trick shot, trying to guess what happens next in the shot or just a bunch of cool trick shots all strewn together, they have a video for it.  Have you ever looked at how many likes, comments, shares and impressions they get for one video? Everyone knows (along with statistics) that if you are looking for new fans, posting videos is the way to go! We hope to see lots of cool new and inventive videos from our pool players this year!

Buying made in the USA pool supplies


U. S. A... U. S. A! We all know that if we buy products that are made in America, we keep more jobs in the U.S., get a better quality products and provides a stronger economy. Whether its a pool table, cues, chalk, rack or whatever billiard item you may need, we suggest that you first do your research to find what are your top brands Made in the USA and help support them. We think more people will buy from small billiard companies and support local in 2018. Read our blog for more reasons why you should buy made in the USA!


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