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How can you prove that you're "The True Triangle?"

The quality assurance of the DELTA-13 ELITE is guaranteed through the use of a CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine). The CMM is one of the top tools in manufacturing to verify precision tolerances. This equipment performs measurements in increments of .010 inch. This measurement printout is included in each box with the rack (if upgraded at the checkout).

The CMM measures three key aspects of the DELTA-13 ELITE: the angle of all three corners are 60 degrees, the flatness of all three rails to ensure there are no twists or warping in the rails, and the perpendicularity of all three rails to the table ensures there is no taper. No other ball rack on the market can claim such precision.

How do you identify undersized balls?

Many people understand that irregular size balls make it impossible to get a tight rack. Due to the high precision of the Delta-13 racks, you can improve your break by moving the smaller balls to the back of the rack to help maintain a tight rack at the point of cue ball impact. Place all the balls in the rack as though you were going to play 8-ball. Compress the balls as you normally would and move the rack and balls along the cloth. The smaller balls will spin while the other balls stay stationary.

Move the spinning balls to the back of the rack. You may not be able to alleviate all the balls from spinning, but you will certainly improve the tightness of the rack by keeping the balls at the front of the rack, tight.

The goal here is to get all the balls “frozen” on the table so there is no gap between the balls once you remove the rack. The only other issue you will have is from worn cloth. If balls are moving as you remove the Delta-13, it’s due to worn cloth or chips in your slate. Once the balls have been racked in the same location for dozens of games, the cloth will be slightly indented and the balls will have a tendency to fall into those areas. It may be time for some new Simonis cloth! The best way to minimize ball problems is to use Super Aramith Tournament Balls and re-cloth your table.

The balls don't seem to rack any tighter. Why is that?

The rack's job is to compact the balls into as near a perfect triangle (or diamond) as possible. Wooden and plastic racks have sides that flex under pressure. They can also warp and are not machined into a perfect triangle like the DELTA-13 ELITE and DELTA-13 SELECT racks. Therefore, the balls are never in perfect alignment with wooden and plastic racks. With many of them, you can't even get all the balls frozen together before removing the rack. Also, unless you are using Tournament Aramith balls, you cannot trust that the balls are all the same size. Here's the test: Rack 15 balls with the DELTA-13 ELITE or DELTA-13 SELECT. Place your hands in the back of the rack to tighten the rack. Now, roll the rack along the table with the balls still tight. Are any balls turning? If so, those balls are undersized and will negatively impact your ability to get a tight rack with any rack.

Another possible problem could be the cloth. Over time, the cloth gets worn and the slate underneath gets chipped, especially near the rack from breaking over time. The fabric also gets dented. The balls tend to fall into these hard-to-see dips when the rack is removed. Lastly, humidity may also be a factor. In humid climates, the balls and cloth get moist and pick up dirt. They tend to cling more and it becomes extremely difficult to get the balls to stay in one place when you remove the rack.

What is the difference between the Elite and Select ball racks?

The Elite ball rack will include each of the colors listed online (Pitch Black, Midnight Blue, Emerald Green, Passion Red, Walnut Bronze and Hot Pink). This rack will be measured with the CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) if upgraded at the checkout to make sure it is a near perfect triangle. 

The Select rack will only come in two colors; Pitch Black and Silver Grey and has only three sides (no corners). 

Where did the name DELTA-13 come from?

"DELTA" is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet which resembles a triangle. "13" is for Aluminum's atomic number on the Periodic Table of Elements.

Why is it important to have a precise triangle?

Having a true triangle, allows the pool balls to be racked in a precise manner, with the maximum number of frozen balls (balls that are touching each other) which will effectively transmit the cue ball energy on the break shot. This tightly racked set of object balls will spread effectively with a variety of break shot speeds. The break is the most important shot of the game.

Why is my ball rack so noisy?

The unique sound you hear is the "sound of quality." We do not want to add anything to the inside of the ball rack as that would make it less perfect and more like a wooden rack. If you play golf, it's no difference than hitting with a wood driver, and then using a titanium one. The sound is different, but you get used to it as all the other great features of the ball rack far outweigh the sound difference. Continue using the ball rack and it will set a new standard in your mind. You will come to recognize it with the sound of winning as your opponent racks for you. If you decide the sound of the rack isn't to your liking, we have added a product that reduces the sound, comparable to a wooden rack, using the Delta Inserts. The inserts are made of leather with the laser etched Delta-13 logo. The leather inserts are also able to be engraved if you are searching for or want to keep the personalized piece of your rack.  

Why is the ball rack made from aluminum?

Aluminum is the perfect high-tech material for constructing the truest triangle DELTA-13 ELITE and DELTA-13 SELECT ball racks. Aluminum is used in aerospace products, medical devices, and now a ball rack because of its durability, ability to be cut precisely, and its light weight. Aluminum was also selected for the DELTA-13 ELITE and DELTA-13 SELECT to allow it to retain its perfect triangular shape for many generations. It will never warp, bend, or splinter.

Why is the DELTA-13 ELITE so expensive?

Expensive equipment and specialized labor are used in this "Made in the USA" product. The price of aluminum has escalated dramatically due to worldwide demand, the cost of mining, and delivery. The precision machining procedures are expensive. The most technologically advanced CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) horizontal mills are used to manufacture the most precise ball rack on the market.

Why was the Delta-13 Select created?

In March of 2013, six years after the Elite rack was invented, Delta-13 designed a new rack to bring a higher quality product at a lower cost into the market. After having overseas complications and the complexity of the painting process for the Delta-13 Regular rack, Delta-13 sat down to rethink a better solution. We found a less expensive way to produce a rack in house in order to have a complete Delta-13 product line made in the U.S.A. As a result of this new Select design, the Regular rack is being discontinued which should make the market value of this rack go up. The Select is made out of the same 6061 extruded aluminum and is also anodized just as the Elite is with a sleek new three sided design. The Select comes in the two most popular colors; Pitch Black and Silver Grey.

Will the DELTA-13 ELITE or DELTA-13 SELECT wear and tear on my cloth?

The DELTA-13 ELITE is anodized which means the color molecules are embedded into the molecules of the aluminum. This process seals the metal. The metal is actually much smoother than a wooden or plastic ball rack. The acids and oils in our hands break down the varnish and polyurethane used to seal wooden racks.


If you feel a slight drag, it might be the fact that the DELTA-13 ELITE is a little heavier than the wood or plastic racks you are used to.


We have testimonials from various pool halls changing their cloth less often after using our rack.  

How do you get the American Flag pattern on your Patriotic Rack?

Anodizing Eternagraphics

This is “a proprietary process that creates full color, photo-quality graphics in anodized aluminum and powder coated finishes. This process can be added to complex shapes and is as durable as the anodized, hard anodized or powder coated finishes in which they are integrated. Whether anodized or powder coated, eternagraphics finishes are far more durable than silk screens, labels, decals, stencils or other standard techniques.” -Valmont/George Industries

Why is the Patriotic Rack more expensive than the other Select racks?

The Patriotic Rack is more expensive than the current Select racks on the market as the Anodizing Eternagraphic process is more expensive per piece than regular anodizing and it is done outside of Colorado.

What size balls can you use with the Delta-13 Racks?

Regular American pool balls measure 2 1/4 inch, while Snooker Balls are between 2 and 2 1/16 and Carom balls measure between 2 3/8 and ​2 7/16. All ball sets will work while racking, you will just have more or less of a space on the backside of the rack. A space is completely normal if using Snooker Balls as the rack will still rack as it would with a regular set of pool balls. 


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