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Delta-13 has been a leader in the world of Billiards with their Delta-13 ball racks and are featured on ESPN. Delta-13 began with the invention of the billiard Elite Rack. Necessity is the mother of invention and in this case, the team at Delta-13 wanted a more durable ball rack to not only improve their game, but also looks cool hanging on the wall in their home, man cave or game room. From this simple idea, came years of extensive research and development to design a ball rack to be rivaled by no other in the billiards or game room industry.

The Delta-13 ball racks are the official racks of trick shot artist, Florian “Venom” Kohler, past Men’s and Women's ESPN tournaments, professional tours, and several amateur leagues. Professional billiards players consistently demand that the Delta-13 Elite and Select ball racks be used during their tour and tournament events. Billiards league owners have followed suit and have been utilizing the innovative technology and competitive edge that the Delta-13 ball racks bring to their league play. There is nothing that compares to our ball racks. Our racks come with customizable color and engraving and the only lifetime warranty in the game room industry against bowing, warping and splintering. This state-of-the-art product has not only set a new standard for pool racks, but all different types of accessories worldwide. Our pool racks are the perfect gifts for men for any game room, rec room, media room or man cave with a pool table.

Delta-13 was born from a thirty year old CNC Precision Machine Shop in Parker, Colorado by the name of Tag Team Manufacturing. Tag Team manufactures precision metal and plastic components for the aerospace, medical device, and computer storage industries. Eighty-five percent of the material used to make these parts is 6061 aluminum. We know the properties very well and selected it for our billiard accessories because of its durability, precision integrity, and aesthetic qualities.

By having our Delta-13 inventors play pool, we were in search of designing billiard products to not only improve the level of play, but to protect our table fabric, cues, and walls. After extensive market research, we learned that precision and long-lasting billiard accessories were non-existent. A quality billiard accessory is no less important to your game than a golf club or tennis racket is to those sports. After all, what is the most important shot in billiards? The break. 

The Delta-13 billiard ball rack is the highest quality, most consistent, tight rack in the world. The balls explode, giving players more fun at the table. This pool table rack is completely safe for all cloth and is guaranteed to never warp, bow, or splinter. 

The aerospace precision design creates a powerful break preferred by professionals. This pool rack is the only personalized aluminum ball rack that can be customized with engraving and special colors.

Benefits of Delta-13 Ball Rack

The benefits include: Center Alignment Marks, Racks All Games, Limited Lifetime Warranty, Maximizes Frozen Balls, Consistent Tight Rack, Identifies Undersized Balls, Reduces Cloth Wear, Personalized Engraving, Ergonomic Grip, Color Options, and option to upgrade with a CMM report on the Elite.

The Story of Delta-13

In March of 2007, the Delta-13 “all aluminum” and “aerospace engineered” billiard ball rack was born. The idea was spawned while developing a wall mount for leaning up a cue stick during pool play. The production manager at Tag Team Manufacturing was tired of his Dad and buddies putting chalk marks on his family room walls as they knocked over their cue sticks. At the time, it seemed logical to design a pool ball rack made out of aluminum to go with the wall mount. By August 2007, the rack design had changed from a “three pound gorilla” to a 16oz superior product thanks to feedback received from the WPBA (Women's Professional Billiard Association).

Shortly after the final design changes, the UPA, which is now the U.S. Pool Players Association, decided to endorse the “Delta-13” and make it their official rack. They too, were instrumental in helping the Delta-13 receive early recognition. It was during this same time period that the company, Executive Billiards (changed to Delta-13 in October 2013) was started. It's main objectives were to market and distribute the Delta-13 brand. Delta-13 began to sponsor professional billiard tournaments in March of 2008 and the first racks were sold in a booth at the Super Billiards Expo. The Delta-13 Elite is manufactured in Parker, Colorado by Tag Team Manufacturing, a 30- year old company specializing in manufacturing aerospace, medical devise, and computer storage components.

 In a game that sometimes seems flooded with useless gimmicks and gadgets, I welcome a piece of equipment engineered simply and precisely to give a perfect rack every time. I cannot express how satisfying it is to know that I will never again find myself spinning a wooden triangle looking for a corner that will at least rack the front three balls. I know that my Delta-13 will deliver the best rack possible, every time, for as long as I play pool."

Tom Ross - Billiards Digest

Delta-13 History

The rack is made of 6061 extruded aluminum and machined on a $300,000 horizontal mill. Each rail and corner is cut from solid aluminum. Each piece is then inspected for sharp edges and quality machining prior to anodizing. The rails are deburred and placed back inside the machine one last time for a final brush finish before they are sent to be anodized. The anodize process essentially embeds the color molecules into the aluminum molecules in an electricity charged bath. The anodize process prevents the aluminum from tarnishing over time. The corners are clear anodized which give them a silver-like finish. Post anodize, each piece is inspected for a quality finish.

Next, the rails move to a vertical mill for engraving on our Limited Edition Racks or to our Zing Laser for all other racks. The Delta-13 logo’s are laser engraved into the metal along with all the other custom names, dates, and logos to make each rail custom. The corners and rails are then assembled, using stainless steel screws and locking washers. Each upgraded Elite (and 10% of our Selects) are then measured on a CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine), ensuring that the flatness, angels, and rails meet rigid expectations. These measurements are documented and shipped with each Elite rack. In the summer of 2008, after learning they needed a price point for a rack well under $100 to satisfy a different consumer, the company sent out a request for quotes on a cast mold. The mold would eventually become the basis for an aluminum cast rack. Delta-13 found a U.S. Company that owned a mold factory overseas that signed a contract with in December of that year. In 2009 and 2010, other products were developed including the Cue Rack, which holds up to 8 cue sticks and bridge, a Cue Lean which was the original product, a Delta-13 Mount to display the Delta-13 ball rack on the wall, and the Delta-13 case, which holds all the balls, a ball rack, chalk and is stackable for pool halls.

The Delta-13 Elite are custom-made and adheres to strict guidelines used in aerospace manufacturing. The rack is guaranteed to never warp, bend, or splinter when used for the intended purpose. Humidity, dryness and even the acid from your hands will not deteriorate the Delta-13 racks. The dimensions are so exact, it identifies under-sized balls, which will dramatically improve the break, potentially putting more balls into the pockets. This is one of the many reasons the professional players love the Delta-13. In addition, the rack has less friction on cloth and thus billiard halls change their expensive cloth less often. Finally, there are a number of anodized colors to select from and the company performs custom engraving to include names, dates, logos, etc. Delta-13 purchased a laser engraving machine in 2014, which allows them to place any text, logo, or picture on the side of the racks.

Delta-13 has sponsored over 50 professional tournaments and tours along with several amateur leagues. Delta-13 is the rack sponsor for world renowned trick shot artist, Florian “Venom” Kohler.

The Delta-13 brand is known to most professional players and amateurs alike around the world. Delta-13 has also been one of the biggest sponsors of the US 9-Ball Champions from 2008-2012, Delta-13 was the official rack for the Billiards International ESPN through 2014 and was the official rack of the Women’s Pro Billiard Tour through 2013. In March of 2013, six years after the Elite rack was invented, with the help of a $13,000 CAD program, Delta-13 designed a new rack. This would bring a higher quality product at a lower cost into the market. After having overseas complications and the complexity of the painting process for the Delta-13 Regular rack, Delta-13 went back to the drawing boards to rethink a better solution. We found a less expensive way to produce a rack in house in order to have a complete Delta-13 product line made in the U.S.A. On June 1st of 2013, Delta-13 introduced a new Select rack. As a result of this new Select design, the Regular rack is discontinued, which should make the market value of this rack go up.

The Select is made out of the same 6061 extruded aluminum as the Elite with a sleek new three sided design. The Select features a patented ergonomic grip and new design for a consistently tight rack with explosive results and reducing cloth wear. The Select will come in the two most popular colors; Pitch Black and Silver Grey. In 2016, Delta-13 sought after a company who could produce patterns on the racks and came out with the first ever, American Flag anodized Select Ball Rack. Delta-13 is a proud company of products made 100% in the U.S.A.


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