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Looking for a cool product to get your man for his birthday? We have every men's gift you could never think of to get him for his man cave, rec room and game room areas. We hope you enjoy looking through our unique product list as much as we did putting it together.

#1 - Shot Glass with a Bullet

You need enough of these for you and all of your friends in your man cave! This kicks a normal shot glass in the butt...not to’s a real bullet!

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Men's Gift Ideas

#2 - Stone Drink Dispenser

We all get tired of uncapping and pouring shots and mixed drinks for all of our friends. What an easy way to pour a shot or make a mix drink! This is a MUST in any man cave.

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Alcohol Drink Stone Dispenser- Man Cave

#3 - 50 Caliber Bullet Shell Chess Set

If money's no object, then this is the gift to get your man! We’ve have never seen a cooler or “more manly” chess set.

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Shell Casing Chess Set- Game Room


#4 - Wine Cork Dart Board with chalkboard scoring

This is made with hundreds of authentic wine corks, which are adhered to a wood backer board. The frame is handmade and can be finished to your liking— this would be a fun game to have in a man cave!

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Cork Dart Board- Game Room


#5 - Indoor Basketball Hoop

Who wouldn’t want to throw around the basketball in your basement with this awesome indoor basketball hoop?!

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Basket Ball Hoop for your Man Cave


#6 - Fishing Reel Toilet Paper Holder

This can transform your bathroom into a man’s bathroom, with one simple gift. This is perfect for the fisherman in your life!

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Fishing Reel Toilet Paper Holder- Cool Products


#7 - Farm Pulley Industrial Light Fixture

This goes great above any bar or pool table! This company makes tons of different light fixtures with alcohol bottles to fit your man cave needs.  

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Game Room Lighting- Cool Products


#8 - Whisky Barrel Pub Table

This barrel table and chairs are made out of an old barrel and reclaimed wood. This would be such a great table to have in a man cave and a good place to hang out with your friends to  watch the sporting events.  

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Barrel Pub Table- Rec Room


#9 - Cigar Humidor

This humidor holds up to 150 cigars! This is a perfect display for your man cave and for your friends to be able to share in the fun with you.

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Cigar Bar- Gifts for Men


#10 - Man Cave Signs

Man Cave signs are funny and really make the room come together.  We absolutely love the one below! HA!

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Man Cave Signs


#11 - Wooden Deck of Cards

Well, that’s really taking your game to the next level! Fancy playing cards made out of genuine wood. These are perfect for a poker game with the guys...although weI wonder how you would shuffle these?

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Wooden Deck of Cards for your Poker Room


#12- Vintage Custom Coca Cola Gum Ball machine

Perfect addition for a man cave or other game room! Especially if he is the vintage type and if he loves to snack on candy.

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Coca Cola Gumball Machine - Man Cave


#13- Custom Personalized Bobblehead

Who wouldn’t want a bobblehead of themselves in their rec room? This would be awesome on any side table in your man cave and a good laugh from your friends!

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Personalized Moose Hunter Bobble Head - Basement Ideas

#14- Bottle Cap Pub Table

This is a fun DIY weekend project or an easy completed on Etsy purchase.  You could customize it with the bottle tops you use...start saving now if you're looking to do this DIY this year!

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Bottle Cap Pub Table for your Basement

#15- Illuminate LED Bar Shelf with Remote

This liquor shelf would be perfect above any bar man cave! Imagine how cool this would look at night!

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LED Bar Shelf - Basement Bar

#16- Giant Tumble Tower aka Jenga

If this doesn’t look like fun to you, then I don’t know what would! This is a fun game to play if you have a group of people over to your house.

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Large Jinga for your game room

#17- Killerspin Revolution SVR Table Tennis Ping Pong

Everyone loves ping pong! This is a great addition to your game room and easy to play during commercial game day breaks.

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Ping Pong for your Man Cave

#18- Jaxx 4' Bean Bag Gaming Chair

A bean bag chair is so comfy and a great thing to have in your man cave! When you get tired of sitting on the couch and need a comfy place to sit, look no further.

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Bean Bag for your rec room

#19- Spectrum Pool Table

A pool table is a MUST for any man cave, game room and rec room. This completes the entire room, truly making it a real place for men.

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Pool Table- Game Room

#20- Cool Pool Rack Made By Delta-13

What is a pool table without a cool personalized rack to go with it? Our racks come in different styles, colors and with the option to customize through laser engraving.

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Delta-13 Patriotic Rack for your game room pool table


Make sure to visit these game room accessory companies for more information and to purchase some of these cool products for your man! Tweet us @thedelta13 to let us know which 2017 Men's Gift you liked best!

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