Florian "Venom" Kohler

Florian Venom Kohler Trick Shot Artist

Why does Delta-13 sponsor Florian 'Venom' Kohler?

Florian brings talent, excitement, honesty, reliability, hard work, precision, ambition, innovation and uniqueness to the sport of Billiards. His creativity is shown by his 2 DVD's that are marketed worldwide. Florian has world exposure through tournaments and exhibitions in Korea, China, Dubai, Germany etc. Not to mention, he has a strong desire to help manufacturers get maximum exposure. We are ecstatic about the great possibilities the future will hold with us partnered together.

Why does Florian 'Venom' Kohler work with Delta-13?

Long before I joined the Delta-13 team, I was already using their products. Why? Simply because Delta-13 products are the best quality and we share the exact same philosophy: aesthetics, innovation, reliability, and perfection, just to name a few. Delta-13 and Venom Trickshots don't just work together, we match perfectly. These triangles are the best addition to my trick shots!

The world of artistic pool will never be the same...

2011 Highlights

florian kohler
  • Finished 6th at the 2011 Trick Shots World championships in Philadelphia, USA (MAR 2011)
  • Currently ranked 2nd in Europe and 15 in the world (2011)
  • Appeared in the movie ‘Ride the 9’ as pool consultant and actor, Los Angeles, USA (MAR 2011)
  • Appeared on the USA TV channel ‘Comcast’ for the first pool event in 3D (MAY 2011)
  • Developer for the new MA-FK1 Mezz cue (2011)
  • Invented more than 1000 new shots (2011)
  • Vienna Artistik Cup 2nd place, Vienna, Austria (JUL 2011)
  • Ultimate Trick shots tour, Runner up, Las Vegas, USA (AUG 2011)
  • Juanjo Trilles creative artistic cup winner, Gandia, Spain (SEPT 2011)
  • More than 16 million views on the internet
  • 4th place at the Artistic Cup IV, Chicago, USA (DEC 2011)
  • Live Interview during the news on ABC7 (7millions viewers), Chicago (DEC 2011)

2012 Highlights

trick shot artist
  • N1 Artistic Billiard French Champion, Orléans, France (Carom table, MAY 2012)
  • French Winner of the worldwide contest by Intel and Asus ‘In Search of the Exceptional’ (JUNE 2012)
  • Featured on the Chinese TV Show, ‘The Generation show’ by SZTV, Shenzen with over 100 million watchers, China (MAY 2012)
  • MVP at the China’s Trick Shot World Masters, Shenyang, China (JULY 2012)
  • 3rd at the Ultimate Trick Shots Tour in New Jersey, USA (AUG 2012)
  • Winner of the World Cup of Trick Shots in Connecticut, USA (OCT 2012)
  • More than 100 million cumulated views over the Internet
  • Venom Trickshots DVD is now the most viewed pool trick shots clip of all time with an approx. 50 million watchers

2013 Highlights

florian kohler
  • World Championship of Trick shots, 5th place, Las Vegas, USA (JULY 2013)
  • Special Art Trick Shots World Championship, WORLD CHAMPION, Las Vegas, USA (JULY 2013)
  • Special consultant and performer for a Ben Stiller production called ‘The Birthday Boys’, Hollywood, USA (JULY 2013)
  • Actor and Performer in the ‘UNIVERSE’ Commercial, Las Vegas, USA (AUG 2013)
  • TV performance at the “Star King” show on SBS, Seoul, KOREA (SEPT 2013)
  • World Cup of Trick Shots, Winner, Springfield, USA (DEC 2013)

2014 Highlights

florian kohler
  • Interview for GLOBO TV, 60 million viewers, Brazil (MARCH 2014)
  • William Wolf Whisky commercial, Las Vegas, USA (MARCH 2014)
  • TV Appearance in the Steve Harvey show, Chicago, USA (MAY 2014)
  • Winner of the Korean Trick Shot Challenge, Seoul, Korea (JUNE 2014)
  • Commercial and show at Dubai airport, Dubai, UAE (JUNE 2014)
  • GUINNESS BOOK WORLD RECORD holder for most important number of balls potted (68) in one minute, Milan, Italy (JULY 2014)
  • ESPN Trick Shot Magic, Runner Up, San Diego, USA (OCT 2014)
  • TV Show “Star Wars”, Beijing, CHINA (NOV 2014)
  • Collaboration video with DudePerfect, 6 million views in one week. Dallas, USA (DEC 2014)

2015 Highlights

florian kohler
  • Release of the video “APA Sexy Pool Trick Shots”, 10 million views combined in a month
  • Segment for FOX 5 in Las Vegas (MAR 2015)
  • Appeared on Nick Cannon’s Caught on Camera TV show, NBC, (JUNE 2015)
  • Runner Up World Artistic Pool Championships, Atlanta (AUG 2015)
  • WINNER ESPN Trick shot Magic, FL (OCT 2015)

2016 / 2017 Highlights

Venom Trickshots
  • TV Show El Hormiguero, Madrid, SPAIN (FEB 2016)
  • Show for 8 ball European Championships, Nantes, FRANCE (FEB 2016)
  • Video with NASCAR driver Daniel Suarez, over 1 million views in a week, Las Vegas (MARCH 2016)
  • Appeared on NBC’s Caught on Camera (APRIL 2016)
  • Release of Segment 1 of Venom III, over 1.5 Million views the first week
  • 5th Place at World Trick Shots Championships, Montreal, CANADA (OCT 2016)
  • 3rd place at the Artistic Pool World Championships, OK, USA (OCT 2016)
  • 2016 World Jump & Draw Champion, OK, USA (OCT 2016)
  • TV commercial for “PoolMate” to be aired on ESPN (OCT 2016)
  • 3rd place at the Artistic Pool World Championships, Xincheng, CHINA (JAN 2017)
  • 2017 World Jump Champion, Xincheng, CHINA (JAN 2017)
  • 2017 World Masse Champion, Xincheng, CHINA (JAN 2017)
  • 2017 World Special Arts Champion, Xincheng, CHINA (JAN 2017)
  • 2017 World Trick & Fancy Champion, Xincheng, CHINA (JAN 2017)
  • TV Show, Munich, GERMANY (FEB 2017)


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