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Delta-13 has compiled a bucket list of the “Best of the Best” sports bars across the US!
Start making your list, as you will definitely want to visit some of these sports bars in your lifetime.


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Step outside your comfort zone to a different type of sports bar, one with a theme. Big hats and horse racing, we’re in! Next time you are in Chicago, stop by this Kentucky Derby and southern charm bar. Itching to wear your favorite red, white and blue attire other than on the fourth of July? Of course this isn’t necessary, but with an American themed bar, you just might want to!  One thousand football helmets, two real Olympic torches and an authentic World Series trophy, say no more, we are headed your way!

When we think of the word “old”, we tend to run the other direction! In this case, these bars have so much history, you will want to stay there all night!  Are you a diehard Red Sox fan? Put McGreevy’s in Boston on the top of your list then because this is the Birthplace of Red Sox Nation.  McSorley’s dates back to 1854, when it used to be a “men’s only” pub.  Not until 1970 did they begin to let women in, so let’s charge on in there girls!

It’s time for your favorite sports game, but where to go to watch it?  Somewhere with the most TV’s of course!  If you are eager not to miss any part of the game, Ricky’s Sports Bar is a perfect fit. They have over 100 TV’s, including ones in the bathroom! The sports bar with the most TV’s we found was Duckworths with 180 throughout their space plus 150 beers on tap! You will never want to leave. Looking to have fun, but with an added bonus? Cubby Bear has 75 TV’s and over looks Wriggley Field!

Adults want to have fun too. Do you want to laugh, play virtual golf and watch your favorite sports team all in one place? Then Bobby V’s is your place.  If listening to live music, swinging on tire swings and sitting in truck bed booths if your thing, look no further than the Texas Truck Yard. The best of them all though has to be Chickie’s and Pete’s Interactive Sports Bar. You don’t just watch the sports, you get to play them too with 18 different entertainment suites, you are bound to have a great time! 

Love going to sports bars, but hate the food? We did some research to find you some of the best sport bar food in America and Lagasse’s Stadium is at the top of our list. Famous Chef Emeril Lagasse does his own twist on stadium snack food that you won’t forget. Something unique and new to a sports bar atmosphere, Mexican food.  Campeon, located in New York is a hot spot for sports watching and Mexican food. 

Looking for a more elegant way to wine, dine and watch sports? Upperscale Sports Bars are your answer. JZ’s club, 40/40 is a membership only club, but if you join, you won’t be disappointed.  The club is pure sports and entertainment in a lounge setting that combines a New York City penthouse with the glamour of courtside seats. The Ainsworth is a multipurpose space comprised of full-scale restaurants, bars, lounges and event areas. This is quite a jump down from a “members only” bar, but still a great upperscale sports bar to put on your bucket list.

The two reasons we go to sports bars is to watch sports and for the beer.  The world’s largest selection of craft beers on tap is 185 at Elbait Shop in Iowa. They also have 26 bike racks out front and showers inside in case you got sweaty on your ride over. We found a few bars that have 100+ craft beer taps, including: The Midway Pub, CC Sports Pub, The Mayor of Old Town and Max’s. Some of the major craft beer brands include:

“The luck of the Irish!” This list wouldn’t be complete without some American Irish bars now would it? Not only is it one of the oldest bars (1854), but it is also one of the best irish pubs, McSorley’s Old Ale House. They have aged artwork and newspaper articles on the walls, sawdust on the floors and the waiters and bartenders are Irish! After reading what Kells’ in Portland does for their philanthropy, who wouldn’t want to go and support this family owned irish pub? The patrons hook money on the ceiling, what they call “irish magic” and they donate all of the money to the Providence Child Center. I also have to throw in there that they have a cigar bar, enough said.

What is your definition of the “best” sports bar? Is it one that sits below the bleachers on Fenway Park where you get to watch the entire game and you don’t need a ticket to go? Is it one that established the use of satellite technology to broadcast live sporting events from around the world? Or is it one that the first president of Red Sox Nation opened to dedicate Red Sox fans a game-watching haven? If you answered yes to any of these, then this list was made for you.


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