Why Buy Made in the USA?

Why Buy Made in the USA?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, “Made in USA” means that “all or virtually all” the product has been made in America. That is, all significant parts, processing and labor that go into the product must be of U.S. origin.

What does Made in America mean to you? To us, as a small business in Colorado, it means more then we can put into words.  It is how we survive.   

Terry Taggart purchased Tag Team Manufacturing from Parker, Colorado, the producer of the Delta-13 accessories, in 2000 after leaving the commercial banking world. Tag Team Manufacturing has been producing aerospace parts, medical equipment parts and computer storage components for OEM's (Original Equipment Manufacturer's) since 1987.  Delta-13 was born out of Tag Team in March of 2007 to bring high quality billiard accessories to improve a player’s quality of play.  In 2010, Tag Team Design was formed to bring custom web designs to small and medium sized businesses, while also helping design and market its sister companies.

So, how do you feel about Made in America products? Supporting American manufacturers and small business have many mutual benefits. That’s right, it benefits you too!

Here are the top benefits:

- Provides Jobs here in the USA.

- Assured of quality products.

- Builds and Promotes a Stronger Economy.

- Supports good Health

- Supports Local Small Businesses

- Protecting our Economy- Reducing Carbon Footprint (Cuts down on emissions and petroleum usage) (US Manufacturing is cleaner for the environment opposed to other countries)

- Promotes safe and fair working conditions (child labor, long working hours, forced labor)

- Supporting American Independence

- Convenience

By purchasing American Made products, you are protecting our economy, producing a quality product, giving more Americans jobs and helping support local businesses.  

Have you seen our NEW Delta-13 Patriotic Rack? Not only is it Made in America, it also sports the American Flag through an anodizing process called Eternagraphics! Support America and Buy Local.   

Tell us why you buy American Made on Twitter @thedelta13. Then, give us a call to claim your free gift with Patriotic Rack purchase at 303-841-5697. Thank you to those who support our Colorado companies; Tag Team Manufacturing, Tag Team Design and Delta-13!

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