Compare Delta-13 to Other Billiard Racks

*Delta-13 Elite *Delta-13 Select Sardo RackTight Don's Rack Magic Rack Plastic Wood

Multiple Colors


Consistent Tight Rack


Identify Undersized Balls


Reduced Cloth Wear


Custom Engraving


Ergonomic Grip


Won't Bow Under Force


No Change with Humidity


Lifetime Warranty


Center Alignment Marks


Racks All Games




Commercial Grade


CMM Measurement Report *


* The CMM, which stands for the Coordinate Measuring Machine, precisely measures three key aspects of the DELTA-13 ELITE: the angle of all three corners are 60 degrees, the flatness of all three rails to ensure there are no twists or warping in the rails, and the perpendicularity of all three rails to the table ensures there is no taper. No other ball rack on the market can claim such precision.


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