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Aluminum Billiards Supplies - Featured on ESPN

Metal Pool Ball Rack

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Necessity is the mother of invention and in this case the team at Delta-13 wanted a more durable ball rack to not only improve their game but also look good hanging on the wall in their home. From this simple idea, came years of extensive research and development to design a ball rack to be rivaled by no other in the billiards industry. For over seven years Delta-13 has been a leader in the world of Billiards with their Delta-13 Elite ball rack. Professional billiards players consistently demand that the Delta-13 Elite ball rack is used during their tour and tournament events. Billiards league owners have followed suit and have been utilizing the innovative technology and competitive edge that the Delta-13 Elite ball racks bring to their league play. The founders had over 20 years experience in manufacturing aluminum aerospace and medical device equipment just south of downtown Denver, CO. Over 80% of the engineers currently working in the manufacturing facility choose aluminum (Number 13 on the periodic table of elements) as their material of choice based on its high-quality properties.

The team at Delta-13 stands behind its products offering the only lifetime warranty in the industry against bowing, warping and splintering. This state-of-the-art product has not only set a new standard for pool racks but all different types of accessories worldwide.The team at Delta-13 would like to thank professional billiards players Frank Alvarez, Tony Robles, Allison Fisher, and Ron White, the President of the WPBA (Women’s Professional Billiard Association), who provided early feedback in the design of a lighter rack that gave the team the confidence to continue revolutionizing aluminum ball racks. Last but not least, the Delta-13 team would like to thank thousands of players around the world that have supported Delta-13 in their journey to be a leader in the world of billiards in the 21st century and beyond.


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    Delta-13 Elite

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    Delta-13 Select

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    Executive Set

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    Delta-13 Case

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    Delta-13 Tray

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    Delta-13 Mount

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    Leather Inserts

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    24K Gold Plated

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    Nickel Plated

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    Dueling Dragon

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    Snake Pit

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    Cue Lean

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    Cue Rack

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    Delta-13 For The Professional

    Featured on ESPN

    Professional pool players choose the anodized aluminum Delta-13 billiard ball rack because it proves time and time again to be the tightest, most consistent rack in the world.

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    Delta-13 For The Casual Player

    The perfect rack for a perfect game

    Whether you're just learning how to play pool, practicing for league night or a professional in the industry, our rack gives you the foundation for a perfect break. The Delta-13 rack measurements help identify undersized balls, which gives you the tightest rack.

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    Delta-13 For Your Game Room

    A beautiful custom designed rack

    Delta-13 creates pool racks that look just as great as they perform, all while keeping your pool table in perfect condition by reducing your cloth wear. Our precision engineering and custom engraving make this rack a perfect fit for the most prestigious game room. Not to mention, the Limited Lifetime Warranty against bending, bowing and splintering.

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    Delta-13 For The Pool Enthusiast

    Admired wherever you take it

    We created the Delta-13 pool rack for billiard lovers because that's what we are. If you live for the game, our rack is built with you in mind, providing a rack for all games. From your home table, to the tournament table, your Delta-13 is sure to be the best billiard accessory you own!

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    Delta-13 For Pool Halls

    Try a Delta-13 rack in a pool hall near you

    Delta-13 pool racks are built for fun and durability, making them the best rack for pool halls everywhere. Our innovative design increases the quality of the game and the life of your felt. The patented ergonomic grip helps you easily remove the rack from the balls in no time.


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