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About Delta-13 Billiard Products

ALUMINUM BILLIARDS SUPPLIES - FEATURED ON ESPN Necessity is the mother of invention and in this case the team at Delta-13 wanted a more durable ball rack to not only improve their game but also look good hanging on the wall in their home. From this simple idea, came years of extensive research and development to design a ball rack to be rivaled by no other in the billiards industry. For over nine years Delta-13 has been a leader in the world of Billiards with their Delta-13 ball racks. Professional billiards players consistently demand that the Delta-13 Elite and Select ball racks be used during their tour and tournament events. Billiards league owners have followed suit and have been utilizing the innovative technology and competitive edge that the Delta-13 ball racks bring to their league play. The founders had over 20 years experience in manufacturing aluminum aerospace and medical device equipment just south of downtown Denver, CO. The team at Delta-13 stands behind its products offering the only lifetime warranty in the industry against bowing, warping and splintering. This state-of-the-art product has not only set a new standard for pool racks but all different types of accessories worldwide.