Things You Can Learn From... Florian “Venom” Kohler, the World Renowned Trick Shot Artist

 Florian Venom Kohler


1.  What equipment to use. You can also watch Florian’s video to get more information about what’s in his case.


-Delta-13 Racks

-Rasson Pool Tables

-Kamui Chalk

-Venom Trickshot Glove

-Mezz Cues

-Exceed Cues

-Chequio Precision Capsules


-Aramith Billiard Balls

-Tip Pik- Top Perforation Tool


2.  His tutorial videos will teach you how to play pool. If you are looking for trickshot videos, you can watch Florian’s videos on his YouTube page.


3.  Work Ethic and Practice. This is something Florian has dedicated his life to and spends most of his days practicing, so he can get better and continue to be a top Trick Shot Artist in the World. Read our recent Delta-13 Blog on A Day in the Life of Florian Kohler.


4.  Real and Honest. Florian does not Photoshop or edit his shots, they are 100% real. Anyone who knows Florian, knows that he is a really great person and a nice person to work with.


5.  Confident, but Humble. Florian speaks modestly of himself and his accomplishments, but is confident in his skills and abilities on a pool table.


6.  Enjoy the game and Have Fun. This is seen when you watch Florian in person and in every one of his videos (especially the ones with his wife and daughter)!


7.  He is a good Mentor. Florian has a lot of younger fans that look up to him in this sport. He is always helping those that want to get into the sport of trick shots and always has great advice for them.


8.  New Trickshots, Original and Creative. He posts new shots on his Facebook page multiple times a week that are different and fun.


9.  Patience. This is a sport that requires a lot of it. When you watch him live and he misses a trick shot a few times, he doesn’t get upset, he just continues to try the shot until he makes it.


10.  It’s never too late to start playing...Florian started at age 18 and has not put a cue down since. Read his entire bio on his Venom Trickshots Website.

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