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About Florian Venom Kohler


Pool trick shot expert Florian “Venom” Kohler, aka Venom Trickshots, has been named for 6 Guinness Book of World Record titles including Most pool balls potted into the middle pocket over an obstacle in one minute, Highest jump pot of a billiard ball, Fastest time to jump pot 15 pool balls on a US table, Fastest time to jump pot 15 pool balls (US table), one-handed, Longest duration to spin a billiard ball and Longest usable pool cue. Emerging as a leading artist in the pool industry, he began his career at the age of 18 as an Internet sensation. Known for his masse shots, his creative approach to the game and dedication to its art form, Kohler continues to wow TV and live audiences around the world.

Have you ever wondered what a day is like in the life of this prodigy? Keep reading! Delta-13 talked to Florian himself and he gave us an exclusive peek into his daily routine, pool and everything.


9 AM – Slowly waking up and officially starting my work day. I check in on all social media channels, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc… I then start checking all my emails and take care of the most important stuff. No time for breakfast as I am usually already behind…


12 PM – I go out of the office and start to make lunch. Depending the day, I am just heading to the fridge to warm up some leftovers for my daughter or I’m cooking a full meal. Every other day my wife is cooking, so I spend that extra time on the computer. We try to eat as healthy as possible and try avoiding all fast food. We do all meals as a “typical French family” which means sitting down at the table and spending the time together.


1:30 PM – Lunch is over, so it’s back to emails. While the most urgent stuff is usually out of the way, I take this time to book shows, reply to more comments, etc… It really varies depending on the day but somedays, this endeavor can take up to 8 hours. In addition, I handle all the orders on my site personally including autographing and packing purchased merchandise. My wife usually takes care of the post office trips to save me some time. I also use this time for scheduling and sharing social media posts, going through my feed and finding content I feel would be relevant to share within the next few months.


4 PM – If it’s a good day I am usually done with emails and make sure to leave phone/computer in the office so I can focus on my practice on the pool table. I practice mostly at home to save time!


7 PM – Dinner time, just as lunch this is a family moment around a good meal!


8:30 PM- Back to practice, usually it is also when I record videos and spend time creating new shots and experimenting.


12 am to 4 am – It is usually when I head back upstairs. The whole family is usually in bed by now so it is not rare I also finish/start some more computer work such as emails especially if dealing with a foreign country on a different time zone. I also make sure that the Facebook/YouTube posts for the next morning are ready to go. If enough time or energy left I sometimes watch a quick episode on Netflix but most of the time it is already too late…

Weekends are slightly lighter on the workload if I do not travel but I usually replace the afternoon computer work by running/exercising. Keep in mind that this is only a typical week for me when I am home. I do however travel more than half the year and when traveling it really is just going from shows to shows while trying to handle all the computer work… My life is 110% dedicated to pool trick shots so it leaves very little time for other things but when your job is also your passion it makes it much easier!!


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