Delta-13: Who Pool Players Should Know About & Why

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Delta-13’s A-List

Do you love billiards? At Delta-13, we certainly do!

We know as a dedicated pool player, you need reliable resources for all your billiard needs, so check out our top list of who you definitely need to know about!

Billiard Companies to Know

delta-13 racks

Delta-13 The True Triangle

We had to put ourselves first on the list because we make the coolest ball rack on the market! We can customize your rack through colors and engraving and we are 100% made in the USA.  Our racks are not only cool, but they are the most accurate ball racks, giving you the tightest rack with more ball spread and more balls in the pockets.

AZ Billiards

AZ Billiards gives you the latest and greatest pool online news, articles, forms and player information.  This is where you go for all of the pool information you need.  They just recently came out with an online magazine called “The Billiard Buzz” that we recommend everyone read!

Sneaky Pete Mafia

Garret Troop, the owner of SPM, wanted to create a place where everyone who loves the game of pool could come together and discuss tips, topics and products. SPM has a thriving Facebook form where you can get all of your billiard questions answered, a blog and an online magazine that is a must read!


The Women’s Professional Billiard Association is an organization for professional women. It is a non profit, organization that hosts professional billiard tournaments and features top-ranked players from all over the world. Billiards isn’t just for men!


The World Artistic Pool Association is a non-profit governing body for Pocket Billiards.  We have them to thank for our Artistic Pool competition and players! The Artistic Pool Players are so talented and so much fun to watch!


Billiard Education Foundation is a non-profit organization for those who have kids interested in getting into this wonderful sport.  They are committed to promoting the love of pool and building the next generation of players through youth programs and academic scholarships.


Top Pool Table Manufacturers

Olhausen Billiards

Here at Delta-13 we have an Olhausen pool table, and we have to say,

they’re amazing! Check out their site for unique, customizable tables all made in the USA. This brand is a family operated business.

Diamond Billiards

Diamond's goal is to surpass all other tables in quality and craftsmanship. In order to do this, their table is used in major events, they seek advice from professionals and use those comments to add features and improve the tables performance.

Brunswick Billiards

Brunswick's legacy of adaptability, creativity, quality, shared vision and global reach has helped it survive and thrive for over 170 years. They take pride in their innovation and quality, making products that people love.

Connelly Billiards

Connelly Billiards creates products that are preferred by their customers.  They listen to their customers and players and always strive to improve their tables.  "You'll see the quality built into every Connelly table. You'll see it the details. And you will definitely feel it when you play on a Connelly."

C.L. Bailey

C.L. Bailey is the leading supplier of quality home recreation products to specialty retailers throughout North America.

Legacy Billiards

Legacy Billiards earned the distinction as the fastest-growing brand of billiard tables in the industry.  They offer high-quality, handcrafted, durable, yet affordable billiard tables and game room furniture. Not to mention, they are built to last a lifetime.  


Custom Pool Table Manufacturers

Mitchell Exclusive Billiard Designs                     

Mitchell’s tables stand out for their workmanship, stunning design and superior playability. Their tables become family heirlooms that are passed down for generations as they are backed by complete warranty.  These table are made in the USA.

Fusion Tables

The Fusion tables offers a completely new concept for the dining room. A unique product which meets a need to join together both at the dinner table and during a pool game, at the same table.  

A.E. Schmidt Billiards Company

A.E. Schmidt Billiards crafts their tables as heirlooms to be enjoyed now and treasured later for their exceptional play and timeless beauty. They are dedicated to continuously create and perfect pool tables of exceptional quality as they have been in business for over 165 years.

Hurricane Billiards

 A Hurricane Billiards each table is hand crafted and tailored to each client. The Hurricane mission is to "design and craft tables that are not only true pleasures to play, but thrilling statements about who you are, what you’ve done and where you’re going."


Felt Company

Iwan Simonis

There are a handful of Felt companies out there, but this is the highest quality one you should know about that has been in the industry for 333 years. What makes them stand out from the rest is that their cloth improves the surface of the slate as their cloth is the most accurate. The felt durability is higher than others, so you will not have to change your cloth as often.


Chalk Companies


Kamui Chalk contains finer chalk particle size, maximizing the friction and offering a larger spot to generate more spin to the cue ball.  Reducing the cue tip slippage gives the player more accurate aim with this chalk.


Master Chalk is made in Chicago and coats the cue tip smooth and evenly.  They pride themselves on the fact that there chalk does not flake like other chalk on the market.  


Cue Stick Brands

McDermott Cues

McDermott is known for their innovation and high quality cues.  After being in the industry for over 40 years, they have been the leader in cue stick technology using the finest materials in the world.  McDermott has grown into 12 brands that lead the billiard industry in performance, quality and service.

Poison by Predator and Predator

This is a line of implements unlike any other, with bleeding-edge designs that challenge the eye and best-in-class playability that can make even the best shooter all the more deadly.



All the Fury cues are carefully engineered with detailed configuration and marvelous designs in constructing a great beauty with artistic graphics.


Jacoby cues are the leader in customization and personalization, including photo engraving.  You can modify any of their cues to fit your pool needs. 


Lucasi cues brings you beauty and distinction by combining fine craftsmanship with the high performance features you need to play a better game.


Mezz Cues is constantly working on getting the best products out to you at the most reasonable price. They are famous for the consistent quality and uncompromised building techniques.


Ob Cues are at the forefront of pool cue and shaft technology and design. The patented design of OB shafts provides for an extremely consistent hit.


Billiard Balls

Aramith Billiard Balls

Although there are a lot of billiard ball companies on the market, we can only recommend one. Aramith balls are reliable and give you high performance and precision on the table.  The product is scratch resistant, long lasting and balanced.


Billiard Streaming

These live streams listed below are of pool and billiard tournaments and feature amateurs and professionals.

Inside Pool TV

Make sure to visit these companies websites’ for more information. We hope this list provides you with resources for all your pool needs! Visit us at for everything billiards. Happy Pool Playing!

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