What Makes a Girl Cave, She Shed or a Babe Cave?

Delta-13 Babe Cave

There are man caves and then there are... Girl Caves! She Sheds! Babe Caves!


Why do Men get a man cave, but women don’t get a space of their own?


Times are changing and now women are jumping on this band wagon in creating their own spaces at home. There’s many possibilities for a Girl Cave, in fact, there’s really no set rules at all...Imagine a place where you can relax and unwind, get things done or just be alone with no kids or husbands in sight. For some of us, we are happy with a beautiful kitchen to call our own, but for other women, they need a room that is all theirs, with no interruptions!


This Girl Cave, also known as a She Shed or Babe Cave is a space that’s all yours, ladies!


This is your space that you can design however you want and put in it whatever you dream.


Which space should you consider transforming into your Girl Cave?


*The Kitchen

*An Office

*The Basement

*A Sitting Room

*A Closet

*An Outdoor Shed (She Sheds are gaining popularity, view inspiration.)

*A Makeup Table/Area (need thoughts for organization?)


Now that you have your ideal room chosen, what are you going to put in it? What would be your room theme? What colors would you choose? How often would you be in there?


13 Ideas for Your Girl Cave


Here’s Delta’s top 13 ideas for you:


1.  Decorate your room with things you love. Your cave or shed is all yours, so you should include things that make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Personalize with pictures, artwork, nick nacks that represent you and your unique tastes.

2.  Comfy furniture. Well, of course you need this if you plan for a little R&R.

3.  Desk space. Incase you have a few things you need to do for work.

4.  Flowers. Hopefully from your husband, because what girl doesn’t like flowers?

5.  Pink Colors. It’s your space, so you can make it as girly as you want and no one gets to tell you otherwise!

6.  Fluffy Rug. So you don’t have to wear socks in your space and to add a little fun.

7.  Windows with a Beautiful View. This is your place to relax, so a nice view only allows this to happen quicker.

8.  Fridge for snacks and beverages. Women always need something to munch on and a nice cold drink.

9.  Wine. Enough said.

10.  Favorite books and magazines. This is your time to unwind and slow your mind, what better way to do that than with your favorite book or fashion magazine.

11.  TV. To watch all of your girly shows without any interruptions or someone telling you they are dumb.

12.  Girly Artwork. So you have something pretty on the walls.

13.  Chandelier. It does not get any classier than this.


Check out a few of our custom made items from our Delta-13 Ultimate Game Room Decor webpage that would work great in your girl cave!

Wine Barrel Mirror

Wine Barrel Bottle Holder

Marilyn Monroe Canvas Oil Painting

Audrey Hepburn Canvas Oil Painting


Check out these custom made Babe Cave signs!


What does your dream babe cave look like?


Or if you already have one, share pictures with us @thedelta13 and include #babecavesrule! It’s not just men who get a space of their own, women can too!


“If he gets a man cave, I get a babe cave!”

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