We Asked Everyone in the Office for Their Philosophy on Success

Philosophy on Success

Definition of Success: “degree or measure of succeeding, favorable or desired outcome, the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence.”


Although this is the definition you might find when doing a Google search, everyone has their own definition of success.  We decided to walk around our company and ask our employees how they define success.  We know there are many different ideas on success and how to obtain it or define it. Whether its success in life, at your job... you name it! We got some great eye opening answers!


I think success is in the eyes of the beholder. Success is achieving your own personal goals and objectives. -Terry Taggart, Owner of Tag Team Manufacturing, Delta-13 and Tag Team Design


Success is being proud of your goals and accomplishments and happy with yourself and where you are in your life. -Kristin Butterfield, General Manager Delta-13


Success is happy customers and employees. -Michelle Taggart, Owner Tag Team Manufacturing, Delta-13 and Tag Team Design


The ability to find your passion in life that also allows you to make a living doing it.  -Kyle Taggart, Vice President of Tag Team Design


Looking back to where you were and not wanting to go back to where you were because you are doing better now.  -Alejandro Badillo, Machinist


My idea of success is achieving or surpassing the goals that I set for myself. -Angel Preciado, Production Manager


Success for me is the completion of goals. Overall success for long term goals and daily success for short term goals.  -Charlie Dittrick, Plant Manager

 How to Be Successful

Not struggling with your life. Joey Dumas, Machinist


I would have different definitions of success depending on if we are discussing personal, business, or financial success. In terms of work environment and my position, I would consider it a success if I was learning something everyday. Also, if everything or everyone that I have contact with is happy or running smoothly, then I consider it a success that things are getting done. With that said, success is nobody complaining or yelling at you and you can go unnoticed which means you must be accomplishing what you are supposed to be doing.   -Eric Sanchez, Manufacturing Specialist


Success is achieving your personals goals. You do not need to be rich to be successful. As long as you are happy with who you are at the end of the day, you are successful. -Hayden Van Putten, Machinist


What is the particular item in the world you live in that you believe is important that you exercise your strengths, emotions and life to achieve.  That could be a job, educational tool that is needed etc. Once you get the job, what is the level you want to achieve during your lifetime. Fulfilling and achieving the goals you are willing to sacrifice, your mind, physicals abilities etc. because they are that important in your life. - Ric Sandoval, Quality Manager


When you accomplish what you have in your mind. -Mario Gutierrez, Machinist


Success is to be better than what you were 10 years ago, in everything, financially, physically and in life in general.  -Rudy Temeyosa, Quality Inspector


Success is a product of the effort of your learning when you are young. The first thing is love. When you live with family that supports you and shows they love you, and the environment that is around you is positive. -Eloy Preciado, Finishing Specialist

 Goals and Success

Success is to have “Done The Right Thing”. If you do the right thing then success follows. Success always comes after things have been done right. The word "RIGHT" is the root of success.

Success can be defined in many ways and on different levels; either in business, school, work, or personal life. For example, in business, in order for you to have success you must have the right products, right services, right employees, right equipment, and most important of all is the “people” (general). Without “people” success will never exist (you are also people). One thing that I always say is “money can not make you rich, only people make you rich”. Let me elaborate little more about the thought of “people make you rich, but not money”. Right now you have money in your pocket, your wallet, or in your bank account. Does it make you rich? Unfortunately not, but on the other hand, if you have the right resources, right products, including “people” then you may not be rich, but you will be much better off than where you are now. Here’s another example. Let’s say there is a flawless singer that sings many beautiful songs. However, without “people” that like to listen to his or her songs then they will not become famous. That is why success can happen when things are done right around “people”.

In school, you have to have the right mindset, right energy, right motivation, right attitude, and the most important thing is the right focus in order for you to succeed. You will earn good grades academically if you are successful.

Success in workplace or a job; for example, when a machinist is setting up a job, he or she must have the right machine, right tooling, right measurement instruments, right program, right coolant temperature, and right focus to have successful quality parts. Without the “RIGHT” then success will not vivid.

Many people think that success must be materialistic, something which you possess or something that you have achieved, but I think success does not need to be materialistic. It can be intelligence such as the right view, right speech, right thought, right livelihood, right concentration or a good foundation, right mindfulness, right effort, and right vision. That is what I call a successful life.  -Scott Lee, Production Manager


How do you define success? Do you think you are successful and why? Tweet us @thedelta13

Be Successful

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