Time For a New Pool Table? How to Find It and Set it Up

Pool Table Assembly

So, it's that time eh?


Time to either replace your existing pool table or start playing pool at home with your very own table!


Maybe you have an idea of the kind of table you want to buy. If not though, no worries! You can choose a table that’s perfect for you with the help of our list and chart.


Ok, so you know what table you are purchasing, order’s in and you are waiting it’s arrival. Wait, hold on...how are you going to set it up!?


Have no fear, Delta-13’s here!

Process of Setting Up Your Pool Table

Oooh, sounds daunting! Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be.


There are many options available to set up your table. We usually recommend that you hire a professional, as being a “first time” pool table assembler can become harder than you think.  Although, if you are planning on a DIY set-up or have done it before and just looking for new tips and tricks, here’s some things you may want to keep in mind during assembly:


First, measure the room you are planning on placing the pool table in, to make sure you have enough space for the table and for play with the cue sticks.  We have provided a guide for you based on your table size and your cue size, to make sure your space is big enough. We suggest marking the ground with tape where your corners are, so when you assemble the table, you know where to place the table and it is centered.


Table Size


Cue Size: 48”

Cue Size: 52”

Cue Size: 57”


Bar Size

11” X 14”

12” X 15”

13” X 16”


Home Size

12” X 15”

12” X 16”

13” X 17”


Tournament Size

12” X 16”

13” X 17”

14” X 18”


Most table frames already come assembled, if it is not, please follow the directions on assembly. After the frame is assembled, flip the frame upside down, so you can secure the 4 legs to the bottom of the table. Flip the table back over the correct way and make sure it is lined up with your corner line tape placement you created earlier.


Now it’s time to place the slate on the table.  Slate can come in 1 or 3 pieces. Let’s assume for this explanation, it is a 3 piece slate.  You will be able to easily figure out what piece goes where, based on the pocket cut outs. Make sure to measure that you have laid these pieces correctly and you will need to level these before you secure it to the frame.  Once leveled, you will use the nuts and bolts to attach the slate to the frame.  Once these are set and secured, you will need to make sure again that is is leveled.  After all these steps, you will use melted beeswax to fill in the seams between the slate pieces and holes where you attached the slate to the frame.  This is done with a propane torch, allowing the beeswax to drip into the seams.  Once this has set and is hard, you will use a paint scraper to make it smooth/flat.  


Once your table is completely flat, you can now add your felt.  We have found Simonis cloth had a great page regarding installation including videos. We also found another helpful instructional guide by Cuesight.


Once your felt is in place, now it’s time to attach the pockets to the wood frame.  This is usually done by a staple gun.  Before these are attached, you will need to cut holes in the felt for the bolts to go through for both the pockets and rails, so you can secure them to the table.  Once the pockets are attached, you will then place your rails around your table and secure them with bolts.  


Lastly, it’s time to use a brush to wipe down the cloth for any pieces that came from installation.  Rack up a set of balls with your Delta-13 rack and you're ready to challenge a friend to a game!


For complete maintenance and care instructions for your table, please see the company you purchased the table from.  Check out this example article from Pool Dawg helpful for some of the basics.


If you prefer to watch a video on the pool table assembly by Family Leisure, this is an awesome visual video for your complete pool table installation.  

Finding a Great Local Company for Setting Up Your Pool Table


Okay, so if you planning on going the easier, ahem, this route, then here’s a list of some awesome local Colorado companies to buy, deliver and set-up with! Home of the Delta-13!


Fodor Billiards



Sheridan Billiards



BC Billiards and Spas



Best Quality Billiards


Now that your table is all set-up, it's time to choose your equipment! Check out our article on selecting the best pool equipment available. Don’t forget to start with this purchase.


“Hard work is a two-way street, You get back exactly what you put in.”


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