The Top 10: Worst Pool Advice I Ever Got Was...

1.  Use a flat plastic rack, it won’t effect the break.

Plastic Ball Rack

2.  Keep drinking, you will get better.

Keep drinking, you will get better

3.  Taking advice from someone you just beat.

Advice from someone you just beat

4.  Just hit it real hard and hope something good happens.

Just hit really hard and hope the ball goes in

5.  Why plan your shots when you can just hit it?

Just hit it

6.  You should quit your day job.

Quit your day job

7.  You must gamble to get better.

Gamble to get better

8.   Aim with one eye shut.

Aim with one eye shut

9.  To make the ball jump, hit it really low.

Hit low to make the ball jump

10. Safeties are for sissies.

Safeties are for sissys


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