The Best Advice for Pool Players

pool player tips and tricks

Do you want to take your pool playing to the next level? We all have room to improve our game. If you are new to pool or if you are just in need of some tips to help your game, we have a list of 20 best pieces of advice for you!


     1. Commit to your shot (think of your shot before you shoot)


     2. Treat every shot like it’s your last


     3. Have fun


     4. Be confident in your abilities and think positively


     5. Practice


     6. Learn how to plan your next shot (and the one after that..)


     7. Make sure your tip is well chalked


     8. Have a mentor and learn as much as you can from them

         (observe good pool players)


     9. Mentally prepare your shots


     10. Follow through with your shot


     11. Watch your opponent and learn from them


     12. Analyze your misses


     13. Keep your grip relaxed during your stroke

           (hold the cue gently)


     14. Only use as much power as you need for the shot you are taking


     15. Join a league


     16. Get comfortable when you stand


     17. Watch Youtube videos, read online tutorials and books about

           how to play pool


     18. Keep your eye on the ball


     19. Secure your bridge hand


     20. Play to win

If you are new to pool and would like a few more tips, check out our Beginner's Guide to Pool Blog.


What was the best pool advice you ever received? We want to hear from you, so Tweet us @thedelta13

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