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Have you been using the same old wooden or plastic rack you got when you purchased your table ages ago? SAY NO MORE. We want to share with you some of the negatives of those racks and how they could be affecting your game.... without you even knowing it!

If you talk to some pool players, they will tell you that this is how the game was started and they are not going to ever use another rack no matter what we say.  So they continue to use their old, splintering wooden racks that continues to tear up their cloth or their plastic, bowing rack that never gives them a tight break.

Today is the day we educate these pool players in hopes of bringing them to the Delta-13 side!

Negatives of Wooden Racks:


• Wooden racks splinter, tearing your cloth and causing you to replace your cloth more often.
• Wooden racks break down with the humidity in the air and in your hands, making it less accurate over time.

Negatives of Plastic Racks:


• Plastic racks bow outward when you are racking, so you never get a tight rack.
• They only come in black and are not cool or fun to play with.

Now...enough negative talk! Let’s get you excited for the fun and cool Delta-13 Rack and it’s capabilities.  

Many people will ask… “What is so great about Delta-13 racks and why are they so expensive?”  To this, we have a lot to say… Let’s address the price first because that is what matters to most when purchasing a new rack.  These racks are not cheap to make. There is a lot of machine time, materials, long processes, employee labor… the list can go on and on! Not to mention, it is Made in the USA.  But aside from that, it is the BEST RACK on the market.

Did you know (because most people don’t)?

The most important shot in billiards is the break. This determines the rest of the match and/or sets you up for a great game.

What are the benefits of the Delta-13 Racks?


• Center Alignment Marks
• They rack All Games
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Maximizes Frozen Balls
• Consistent Tight Rack
• Identifies Undersized Balls, giving you the tightest rack on the market
• Our racks glide across the cloth, reducing your cloth wear
• Personalized Engraving
• Ergonomic Grip
• Color Options
• CMM reporting on the Elite

Aside from all of this, bottom line is that it LOOKS COOL and will help you IMPROVE YOUR GAME.  Who doesn’t like to win?! If you haven’t checked out our racks yet, please do! Visit our website at

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