Pool Trick Shots for Beginners

Watching all of these famous pool players do trick shots has made us want to try some!

In honor of our new Olhausen pool table from Fodor Billiards at our Delta-13 office location and of all you practicing players out there, this week we bring you a Delta-13 trick shot video series!

We are going to show you three main trick shots we've been practicing here at Delta-13 and we hope you will enjoy shooting too! Use your Delta-13 Rack on all these!

Easy Tap Trick Shot

Easy Tap

Tap, Tap and Tap, Tap, Tap! To set up this shot all you need is your Delta-13 Elite or Select Rack and five of your balls. Set your balls in a straight line, the last one placed right before the middle side pocket. Set your Delta rack point facing into the ball line and set your cue ball in front of the long side of the rack

Hitting more forcefully on this shot will ensure you make all balls in the pocket!

Delta Slide Trick Shot

Delta Slide

And slide...you will need your rack and two balls. Set two of the balls on either side against the center alignment marks on your Delta-13 rack. When your cue ball hits the rack, it slides the balls forward and into both corner pockets! Slide....and shot!


This one may take a few tries to get the right placement, but start by lining up your rack edge with your second table diamond (in our case, a buffalo nickel!)

Olhausen Pool Table

The Duo Trick Shot

The Duo

Time to use your accessories! Set the rack up by the center side pocket. At your point, set a ball to Hit into the side pocket. Then, use a cue stick to place along the side of the table and set your balls to go one into the center corner pocket and far corner pocket. As you hit your cue ball it moved the rack forward, hitting in the ball bouncing off the side of the rack and moving the cue stick to the side hitting the two other balls in their pockets!


Super fun! The key to this shot is the cue ball hit off from the side of the Elite Rack!



We would LOVE to see you all try these shots too! Post them on our Facebook, tagging us @delta-13billiardrack-thetruetriangle.


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