Get the Look: Hottest Basement Trends for 2017

Hottest Basement Trends 2017

If you want your basement renovation to be a fun family hang out, a space to impress your friends and something that is current with the craze, you better check out some of the 2017 hottest trends. We have a great mix of trends that are new this year and ones that have been trending for awhile now, but you may not have known. Below is our worthy list of inspiration ideas when you are ready for your basement renovation or are in search to add a few new elements to your basement, man cave or game room.


Open Space

This isn’t necessarily a new trend, but one that will continue to be popular is the open basement floor plan. This is a great layout for entertaining and keep reading below to figure out how to paint this kind of space.


Walk out Basements

This also is not a new trend, but one that will remain popular for a while. Walk out basements are great for parties and having friends over as you can have more seating outside maybe around a fire pit, yard games to play (like cornhole) or just a space to enjoy the nice view and weather!


Multiple TV’s on the Wall

Calling all sports fans! This is an essential trend for your man cave, so you can watch various sports games on various tv’s on the same wall. Now you won’t miss any of the action!


Bar and Kitchen

The trend is to have either a bar, kitchen or both in your basement area. There are many hot trends going on regarding how to style the bar and kitchen areas. These include; having a wine storage area or wine cellar, your countertop and cabinetry being a neutral color and your backsplash and flooring having more bold colors and patterns. Branching out from your normal granite countertops and venturing into wood and polished concrete is also a new trend for 2017.


Game Tables

We don’t consider it a basement without your essential game tables and games. These have always been a “thing”, but we couldn’t leave them off the list! Some fun game tables include; a pool table, ping pong table, foosball table, chess, hockey table, arcade games, poker table, pinball, dart board, shuffleboard table, board game table and the list goes on! Make your basement the most fun one on the block!


Built in Shelving/Storage

This is the perfect basement addition for those of you with kids or if you just need some organized storage.  You can create a kids toy storage area or shelving around your tv for movies, dvd players, books etc. If you have too much stuff and not enough storage, this is the idea for you!


Smart Home Features

The 2017 trend is going smart! I mean, why do a renovation without a technology update? Some of these include; power outlets for your phone and computer, smart computer touch screen lighting, security, music and thermostat with digital device adjustability.


Color Trends

Basements have always lacked natural light, so it is suggested to do a single light toned color across your open floor plan and use your decor for pops of color. The blues and greens are hot and trending this year in all shades (especially navy and chartreuse)! For a complete list of color trends this year, check out the Benjamin Moore Collection.


Flooring Trends

This is a mile long, so we thought it would be easier for you to glance through them yourselves. If you are going for warmth and comfort, the standard basement carpet is the best way to go. If you are open to other flooring, keep reading! Flooring Inc. lets you know the wood flooring trends, if you were interested in having wood flooring in your basement, while Design Trends goes through a list of all trending floors, including our favorite, concrete polished flooring.


Wall Decor

We wanted to add one of our own 2017 basement trends to the list as we think adding cool wall decor can make your basement that much better! Delta-13 has really focused on building this side of the business in the last few months.  We carry anything from wooden scrabble letters to painted and industrial artwork to man cave name it!

The most important thing is to create a personal space that you and your family love and that works best for your needs. Those who have finished basements, can't imagine life without them!  


What updates have you done to your basement? Share your before and after pictures with us on Twitter @thedelta13!


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