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We get frequent calls regarding our Delta-13 Racks, our new Game Room Decor Business, Product Submission and many more! We have compiled a list that should help answer some of the questions you have been wondering.

Who is Delta-13?

We have been and continue to be the leader for over 10 years with the best billiard ball rack in the world out of Parker, Colorado. Our sister company and where our racks are made, Tag Team Manufacturing, has played a big part in our success with our teams background knowledge of tight tolerances and high quality products, we were able to design the best rack on the market.


How long have you been in business & where is the company located?

Delta-13 has been in business since 2007 (over 10 years) and we are located in Parker, Colorado.

Why Delta-13 Racks?

What sets us apart from the other racks is that ours was made to be the last rack you will ever own.  The delta-13 racks can identify undersized balls and in turn, give you the tightest, most consistent rack, giving you more ball spread and more balls in the pockets. Regular plastic and wood racks will tear up your cloth and not give you a tight rack.  Hands down, the coolest part about our Delta-13 Racks is that their are 8 colors to choose from (including an american flag pattern) and you can custom engrave them with your name, a quote, your logo etc.

Why did Delta-13 start carrying game room decor?

We wanted customers to have a reason to come back to our site, as we post new fun and cool products weekly. We also have more engaging social media posts with our game room direction and a weekly email newsletter that have both brought in new customers.

Why only carry Made in the USA?

We wanted to stand out from the competition and being a small business ourselves, we wanted to help support small businesses.

What types of products do you carry?

We carry everything from basement bars to wall decor to game tables...lots of fun man cave items! Our site is perfect when shopping for a gift for dad or for another man in your life. Not to mention, our website is easy to navigate and a quick, stress free check out experience.

Follow our social media sites for new products, new weekly blogs, discount codes & more!

Facebook: @delta13ultimategameroomdecor

Twitter: @thedelta13

Google +: Delta-13 Ultimate Game Room Decor

Instagram: @delta13rack

When will I get my ordered product?

If you purchase a Delta-13 billiard item, those are sent out between 48-72 business hours after your order. If you have purchased one of our game room items, please visit the products page and read the information at the bottom of the page to see when you can expect your item.  Delta-13 will also email you a tracking number the day that your item is shipped, so you can make sure to keep your eye out on the day of arrival.

Do you still sell ball racks?

Yes, we still sell ball racks and in adding our game room decor piece, we have seen more sales and engagement on our rack business. Our goal is to have a Delta-13 Rack on every pool table in the US.

I want to distribute the Delta-13 Racks, where do I start?

You would start by going to our Distributor Page and fill out our new distributor form.  From there, Delta-13 reviews your submission and will contact you back with further questions within 48-72 business hours.  Delta-13 will then send you a tailored distributor form, wholesale pricing and other paperwork that needs to be filled out before we are able to place an order for you.

Is there a benefit to signing up for an account with Delta-13?

Yes, our secure backend system will save your contact information, so when you come back to purchase other items, you information does not have to be re-entered.  The only piece that needs to be entered at checkout is your credit card information.

How do I sign up for your email newsletter?

Its simple! Just go to our main page, www.delta-13.com and scroll to the bottom of the page. On the right hand corner, you will see a place to put your email address and a red boxed arrow to click to submit.  

How do I get notified of the weekly blog posts?

If you sign up for our weekly email newsletter, our blog posts are always on there. You can also follow our social media sites as we post our weekly blogs on our social pages.

Where can I read and write Delta-13 reviews?

Each product page has its own reviews, so you can go to the product you are interested in to see if a review has been written about it.  You can also type our business name into google and see our Google Page on the right side of the page. You can read and write a review.  Lastly, we have a reviews page on our website you can read through from professional pool players.

Do you offer discount codes for your products?

Yes, Delta-13 offers discount codes through social media for our billiard racks.  The game room items have not been placed on sale thus far.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, on our Delta-13 billiard product line we ship internationally.  Our game room items are not calculated for international shipping.  If you are wanting a game room item shipped outside the US, please contact us at 303-841-5697.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Delta-13 accepts all major credit cards through their website including; Visa, AMEX, Discover and MasterCard.

What is your dropship item refund policy?

Please visit our Warranty and Refund page to learn about our policy.

I have a USA product idea, where can I submit it?

You can fill out our short form for Submitting a New Product and we will get back to you within 48 business hours.

If there is a FAQ question we did not cover, Tweet us @thedelta13 and we will add to our list! You can also send us an email at sales@delta-13.com with your questions and product submissions.

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