Delta-13 USA Made Home Decor Gifts for a #BOYMOM

Boy Mom

Go #BOYMOM! Being a mom of boys isn’t always easy, but we think some of our gift ideas for her are sure to make things easier! Check out our complete list of exclusive USA made gift products from Delta-13 and more!  


1.  One word, WINE. Mom’s with boys need lots and lots of wine! This is a fun Wine Barrel Bottle Holder gift for Mom, straight from the Delta-13 website and made by Smokin Barrel Works. I’ll toast to that!


2.  Mom’s love HOME DECOR. We couldn’t find a better piece then these Wooden Scrabble Letters from Once Wood! You can even use your family names for a fun wall piece.  Delta-13 carries these scrabble letters with other game room words on their website.


3.  Does Mom like artwork? This is a fun oil painting of Audrey Hepburn done by Matt pecson and one that would really make a room pop! He has also created a beautiful piece of Marilyn Monroe that is a very colorful statement piece!


4.  If you can read this, bring me a glass of wine socks! These are a must have for a #BOYMOM. Although not home decor, we felt this was a funny gift Mom would love to wear around the house, so it made the list.


5.  Mom is always in the kitchen cooking for you and your friends. What better way to say thank you than with a personalized cutting board!


6.  Mom’s LOVE flowers as it adds a nice touch to any home. There is a wonderful flower shop that delivers all over the US. You will not be disappointed with these eco friendly flowers from The Bouqs Company flower farm.


7.  If Mom is a pool player, we have the idea gift for her! We have a HOT PINK Ball Rack that you can customize just for Mom! She probably needs some practice if she plans on beating the boys.


8.  Mom’s need their alone time, so we found this beautiful wood bath tray that helps her relax while bathing. This can hold her ipad, wine glass, candles, name it!


9.  Today’s Goal: Keep the Tiny Humans Alive. I am sure this is on most Mother’s daily goal lists, so why not get her a funny coffee mug that says so! Not to mention, she probably needs lots of coffee in the morning to make it through the day.


10.  Mom’s love their FAMILY. This means they like Home Decor Family Signs, so anything like this is a home run with Mom and will most likely make her tear up!


If you have a #BOYMOM and are buying her a gift, tweet a pic of you and her to @TheDelta13 for a chance to win a discount on your purchase through us!


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