Delta-13 Presents... 13 Creative Ways to use our Rack

That is other than the intended purpose! 

Our racks are incredibly durable being aerospace engineered and made of all aluminum. They are made to withstand more than just your pool table and wall!

Check out some ways you can use our rack below.

If you try these ways, please share and post pics @TheDelta13!

Also, share with us additional ways you use our racks.


1. Frisbee





2. Picture Holder


Family Picture



3. Paper Weight

Paper Weight



4. Hammer





5. Level


Picture Level



6. Dinner Bell



Dinner Bell



7. Golf Tee



Golf Tee



8. Decorative i.e. Book Ends



Book Ends



9. Computer Stand



Computer Stand



10. Triangle Ruler

Triangle Ruler



11. Yoga Block



Yoga Block



12. Warning Triangle



Warning Triangle



13. Stretching Band



Stretching Band

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