Delta-13 Pool Trivia

Ready for some Pool Trivia? Some of these were included in past Delta-13 blog posts! These are great to use around the table, or while prepping for a game! Anyway, have fun with them!

We hope you will also share more trivia of your own with us @theDelta13.


#1. When was the first game of billiards played?

#2. How was Billiards first played?

#3. Who owned the first Billiards table?

#4. What are the different sizes of a pool table?

#5. What was the first company to manufacture billiard table cloth?

#6. What was the first material used to make the billiard table cloth?

#7. Why is billiard cloth typically green?

#8. What’s an “air ball’ in billiards?

#9. What is Carom Billiards?

#10. Which country did Nine-Ball originate from?

#11. What part of the elephant were used for billiard balls?

#12. What’s another name for a Hustler?

#13. What was the first known song written about Billiards?

#14. Who is considered the Father of Billiards?

#15. What does the word “Pool” mean?

#16. What were the two oldest Billiard games played in the USA?

#17. What is the average age for billiard champions?

#18. What color was the first pool chalk ever used?

#19. What year was the first aluminum ball rack?

#20. What colors does the Delta-13 Elite Rack come in?


Got more trivia? Share with us @theDelta13.

Read more billiards facts.

#1. The first game of billiards was played in the 15th Century.
#2. Billiards was an outdoor sport played similar to Croquet.
#3. King Louis XI of France.
#4. 7 ft., 8 ft., 9 ft. and older ones are 10 ft.
#5 Simonis in 1453.
#6.100% worsted wool.
#7. Because billiards started as a lawn game.
#8. When someone makes a shot but their object ball is missed entirely!
#9. Any pool game played on a table without pockets.
#10. USA.
#11. Tusks, used to make ivory balls.
#12. A Sharper. Someone who conceals how well they can play, in order to make money.
#13. The Music Man in 1957.
#14. Michael Phelan.
#15. A collective bet.
#16. One-Pocket and Four-Ball Billiards.
#17. 35.6 years, the highest average age of any sport.
#18.  White. It was made from carbonate of lime, also known as blackboard chalk.  
#19. 2007 by Delta-13!
#20. 6 colors. See all colors here.

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