Delta-13 Patriotic Billiard Ball Rack FAQ

Delta-13 FAQ

We get calls frequently about our ball racks and accessories and now with the addition of our new Delta-13 Patriotic Rack, we wanted to answer some commonly asked questions our consumers have regarding it!  

We put together an easy read and learn FAQ about our new Delta-13 Patriotic Select Rack.  


Why the American Flag?

We chose the American Flag because we are proud to be Americans and wanted to show support for our country, especially the upcoming presidential elections and to show support for our military.


How did you get the American flag pattern on your rack?

Anodizing Eternagraphics is “a proprietary process that creates full color, photo-quality graphics in anodized aluminum and powder coated finishes. This process can be added to complex shapes and is as durable as the anodized, hard anodized or powder coated finishes in which they are integrated. Whether anodized or powder coated, eternagraphics finishes are far more durable than silk screens, labels, decals, stencils or other standard techniques.” -Valmont/George Industries


Why did you do the Patriotic Billiard Ball Rack on the Delta-13 Select model?

The Patriotic pattern was done on the Select model for cost reasons as the retail price of the Elite rack after doing this process, with rails and corners, we felt would be too expensive for consumers.


Why is the Patriotic Rack more expensive than the regular black and silver Select?

The Patriotic Rack is more expensive than the current Select racks on the market as the Anodizing Eternagraphics process is more expensive per piece than regular anodizing and is done outside of Colorado.


Can I engrave on the Patriotic Rack?

Yes, you can absolutely engrave on the Patriotic Racks.  The price of $144.95 on our website includes engraving on 2 rails and the topside!


Are you only making a certain number of racks or will it be included in your product line moving forward?

We will be adding this rack to our product line and do not intend to only make a certain amount of American Flag racks.


For those of us who purchased a rack already, when can we expect to receive it?

You can expect to receive your rack in 4-5 weeks.  *We wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all who participated in our Kickstarter Campaign, we hope you enjoy your new Patriotic Ball Racks and we appreciate your support for our small business!


Can I purchase this rack on your distributors website’s or just at

Yes, we already have a couple distributors that have purchased our Delta-13 Patriotic Billiard Ball Rack and you will be able to purchase through their websites.  Some of these distributors include: Florian “Venom” Kohler, Seybert’s Billiard Supply, Robbies Billiards and Thailand Pool Tables.  A BIG thank you to our distributors for their support of our new Patriotic Rack!


Is there a discount code to purchase one of these new racks?

Our racks were for sale on our Kickstarter Campaign at the lowest price of $85 including shipping.  Once that campaign was over, we increased the price on our website to $144.95 with engraving and our distributors are selling the rack for $134.95.  


Will you be creating other racks with patterns in the future?

Yes, we have discussed the idea of creating more racks with patterns in the future.  If anyone has any great pattern ideas, please send us a tweet @TheDelta13 or send us an email

After reading our FAQ and our answers, if there are any further questions that come up, you are able to get a hold of us through phone (1-866-915-2058) or email You can also tweet your questions to @TheDelta13!

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