Delta-13 Interview with Terry Taggart

Terry Taggart Interview

This week we had the opportunity to speak with Terry Taggart, CEO of Taggart Enterprises and of Delta-13 - The True Triangle.


Share with us Tag Team Manufacturing’s goals in supporting Delta-13.

Tag Team Manufacturing's goals include keeping up with the product demand while maintaining the highest quality.  We have changed the process of the rail polishing by doing it all by machine using a special brush, making the finish the same.  We have also added a smart scope into the quality control side when checking the parts and loctite (metallic glue) in the screw holes when assembling the Select racks. We strive in our facility at every step to make world class products.


What would you say is the key to business success?

Hiring the best quality people that share our vision and values about surpassing customer needs.


What does a day-in-the-life of Terry Taggart consist of?

A day in the life consists of talking to Tag Team Manufacturing employees and staying focusing on the sales numbers. My best day is when I get to talk with our customers, as I learn a lot from speaking with them. A main focus of mine has been adding more technology and automation, which is enriching our employees careers and speeding up productivity.


What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Everyday is new and different, but most importantly I am very fortunate to be able to work with my kids.


What’s your favorite quote and how does it motivate you?

“There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult” -Warren Buffet

It motivates me everyday to look for easy solutions and easy processes that will achieve great results.


What’s your favorite book and why?

Killing Reagan because it humanizes one of our greatest Presidents and shares little known background information about his struggles and successes.


When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

An astronaut.


What was your first business idea and what did you do with it?

I wanted to own my own Amway distributorship (selling household cleaning products).


If you had 15 minutes to prepare a motivational speech, what are the top 5 points you would emphasize?

- Know your strengths and weaknesses and build a team around those.

- Judge your success by the number of failures you bounce back from.

- Don’t let negative people stymie your creativity.

- Nothing replaces hard work.

- You have to remain committed to a vision greater than yourself.


What’s your most memorable experience with Delta-13?

When Florian Kohler came out to Colorado and performed at an event we hosted in which we raised money for one of our employees to get a prosthetic leg. We had our own personal trick shot show and all of the proceeds went to a great cause.


Describe to us the most exciting minute of your Delta-13 journey.

We were in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania in 2008 at a Super Billiards Expo in the UPA’s booth and we sold our very first Delta-13 Black Elite Rack.


What makes Delta-13 the leading online store for billiard accessories?

It’s easy, fast and shows our products well.


What Delta-13 product is your personal favorite or do you use most often?

My personal favorite is the Walnut Bronze Delta-13 Elite.


How often do you play Billiards?

Not often enough!


What your favorite trick shot (to watch or play)?

Florian Kohler has so many great ones, it’s hard to choose just one!


How often do you watch live competitions/games?

When one of our sponsored tournaments is on.


How do you think social media has helped Delta-13 connect with their customers?

Not all customers attend/follow billiard tournaments online and on tv.  A lot of our customers are recreational players, so the social media aspect reaches out to the customers who may not see us in those other events.



The last few weeks, Delta-13’s “New Kid” and Terry Taggart have been getting acquainted and have even shot a few games together!

Delta-13 Kid


Terry, how do you like Del?

It irritates me that he is a better pool player than me, how did he get to be so good at pool?


We’ve heard Del has a great personality! Can you describe his top 3 best traits?

He is focused, fun to be around and talented.


Does Del have his own equipment?

(He does, all Delta-13)

Del sure loves his Delta-13 Elite rack! He brings it everywhere with him.


What would you say is Del’s greatest strength as a pool player?

His break!


In your opinion, what makes a successful pool player?

One that practices a lot and has a passion for the game.


What advice would you have for the young people out there that love billiards?

Follow your dreams, but stay focused and do well in school.


How can Delta-13 readers continue to best support Delta-13 and Del?

By sharing the many qualities of our products.


Go to Twitter and share with us your Pool Story @delta13rack.

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