Delta-13 Gifts for Dad

Gifts for Dad

It’s that time of year again when you have to get your Dad a gift and your mind is completely blank as to what he needs or wants.  

When you ask him, he simply says, “I need socks”! You reply with, “Mom can get you socks, those are not a fun gift”. Back to the drawing board you go...

We wanted to make things a little easier for you this year and create a great list of presents to get Dad or any man in your life that are affordable and unique. We have even included the links to the page for an easy check out. Without further adieu, we give you, Gifts for Dad!


1.  If your Dad is a big poker player, you can create for him his own customized poker chips. He is going to be a stand out next time he hosts a poker game!

Custom Poker Chips


2.  BEER Coasters! Every Dad needs some of these for his basement especially when his friends come over, so the furniture doesn’t get ruined with glass rims.  We have three different fun coaster styles listed on our Delta-13 page, you can check out the links and pictures below. Option 1, Option 2, Option 3.

Beer CoastersBeer Coasters Coke Coasters


3.  What is Dad missing from his basement bar...Light up liquor shelves! What a perfect way to display his alcohol when you have parties at your house. This liquor shelf has 20 different color options and can hold up to 6 bottles!

Light Up Liquor Shelf


4.  A custom wood Man Cave Sign, so everyone knows it’s Dad’s area! You have now entered Dad’s domain.

Dad's Man Cave


5.  These two gifts go hand in hand.  A place to pop off his beer top and a place to put it. This beer bottle opener was made from a wine stave!  The beer cap holder is just what Dad was missing, seeing as his beer caps are always laying around!

Beer Bottle OpenerBeer Cap Holder


6.  Now we know you are probably on a budget, so that is why we wanted to show you an affordable, but unique twist to a sound system.  It is called an iphone amplifier and Dad can use it all over the house, including outside when friends are over. You simply place your iphone in the topside of the speaker, put on your favorite tunes and dance away!

iphone amplifier


7.  Is Dad a big golfer? Say no more, we have the best gift for him! A golf club coat rack for any room in the house?!

Golf Club Coat Rack


8.  Who is Dad’s favorite? It is most likely the dog, which is why this is an awesome gift for Dad.  A wine barrel dog bed, so the little fella can have a place in the man cave too!

 Wine Barrel Dog Bed


9.  For more of a fun wall decor gift, these wood Man Cave, Game Room or Rack Em Up letters are a great addition to your Dad’s basement wall.

Man Cave Wood Lettering  Game Room Wood Lettering  Rack Em Up Wood Lettering


10.  Now we couldn’t forget about our own product, now could we?  Introducing the Patriotic Delta-13 Ball Rack, for all of the cool Dad’s that play pool or have a pool table in their home!

American Flag Ball Rack


If you think of a great gift we did not include on the list, please tweet us @thedelta13 and we might even add it to our list! Check out our website weekly for more product additions that Dad might like at

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