Delta-13 & Dupree Trickshots Video Series: Who is Jaden Dupree?

Delta-13 and Jaden Dupree are teaming up together and creating some “How To” videos in the coming months.  Do you know who Jaden Dupree with Dupree Trickshots is? We wanted to introduce him and do a pilot video to our series for those of you who have not heard of this 13-year-old trick shot star.  

Jaden Dupree is not only a trickshot artist, but also a 9-Ball player.  He began his career in November of 2015 when his parents put a pool table upstairs in his man cave.  He began doing trickshots when he came across a few YouTube videos of Matthew “The Stinger” Webber and Florian “Venom” Kohler.  Jaden soon after created an Instagram account, along with his other classmates, to post his trick shots.  Although it began as a platform to post crazy trick shots, he eventually fell into the sport and is now a known player in the billiard industry.  Jaden’s 9-Ball inspirations include Mike “Fireball” Dechaine and Shane “The Dakota Kid” Van Boening. He loves watching and studying how they play and using their techniques for his own 9-Ball game.

Delta-13 and Dupree Trickshots have come together to create this pool tutorial series for those of you looking to improve your game.  Get excited for the upcoming “How To” videos! The first one in the series that will be posted on YouTube in March begins with, “How To Play Pool”.

Tweet us @thedelta13 for upcoming video ideas and follow @dupree_trickshots on Facebook and Instagram! Stay tuned for all of our videos in this series as we will be posting these videos to YouTube @dupreetrickshots.

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