Delta-13 Distributors Questions

Thank you to all who support Delta-13! One large group is our distributors!

We wanted to take an opportunity and speak with two of our distributor companies, Rick Matzke with Seyberts Billiard Supply and Patrick McGarity with Robbies Billiards & Patio Decor.


How long have you worked for the company and what position do you hold?

Cary: 18 years as the Operations Manager / Store Manager.

Patrick: About 20 years as the Buyer and Manager.


Is your business a retail store, online store or pool hall?

Cary: Online and retail store.

Patrick: Retail showroom and furniture design center.


What do you sell the most of?

Cary: Pool cues!

Patrick: High end custom pool tables, shuffleboard, and game room furnishings.


Who is your target customer?

Cary: The average pool player in bar leagues like APA, BCA, and Taps.

Patrick: The design community and affluent home owners in our local area looking for custom Made in the USA items for home or business.


What is your company’s mission?

Cary: To provide the best customer service, with the lowest prices possible.

Patrick: To sell and service locally while treating our customers and their clients exactly how we would like to be treated.


Do you sponsor any pool players? What is the top reason you support them?

Cary: At Seyberts, we sponsor local tournaments and players. We support different tournaments to help our local community.


Why do you carry the Delta-13 racks?

Cary: We carry the delta racks because we believe in selling the best products available.


What do your customers say about the Delta-13 racks?

Cary: They like them but do complain of the noise at times. We suggest the leather inserts.

Patrick: They love the unique story behind the item and how different it is than the typical wood rack.


What do you think about the new Patriotic Select rack?

Cary: It will most likely be a good seller for Delta-13.

Patrick: Great idea!


Do you currently carry this product?

Cary: Yes, this is available to purchase through Seyberts.

Patrick: Yes, we do.


What are your company’s future goals?

Cary: Our goals are to continue to grow and be a top seller in the industry.

Patrick: Continue to expand our diverse selection of custom and high-end products with a focus on Made in the USA items.


Do you think Made in the USA products have an advantage to distributors? 

Cary: Yes, customers like purchasing things made in USA.

Patrick: Yes, there is definitely a demand for less cookie cutter import items in the mid to high end markets.


What fulfillment do you gain as a distribution company?

Cary: A benefit of being a distributor is having the product on hand to sell to the consumer.


Patrick: I love outfitting people's home with my own custom designs and building long term relationships.


What would you say is the leading necessity between the relationship of distributors with manufacturers?

Cary: Honesty and being able to fulfill the orders as quickly as possible. Keeping stock on items is very important.


Patrick: Being up front about lead time, price changes, and any QC issues that may make us both look bad to the end customer.


What should consumers grow to appreciate about their distributors?

Cary: Consumers should realize that distributors, such as Seyberts, will do everything we can to get their orders out in a timely manner and fulfill their needs. If we do not have an item we will get them into something comparable or give a discount on something else. If we make an error we will fix it. Our goal is to make our customers happy.


Patrick:  Appreciate the fact that Brick and Mortar is almost gone and anywhere you can go to try billiard equipment hands on is very rare in this area.  The expert advice and convenience of cash and carry outweigh any minor savings on most items that can be purchased online at this point thanks to MAP pricing and territorial sales.


Would you like to add anything?

Cary: Key points for success: Honesty, Timely shipments, Low prices, Excellent customer service, Large stock on items.

Patrick: While the Delta-13 products are definitely high end compared to most there is a huge market of people who have no problem spending more for a Made in the USA item especially if it has a lifetime warranty through a local small business.



The Delta-13 billiard ball rack is the highest quality, most consistent, tight rack in the world. The balls explode, giving players more fun at the table. This pool table rack is completely safe for all cloth and is guaranteed to never warp, bow, or splinter. Also, our aerospace precision design creates a powerful break preferred by professionals. This pool rack is the only personalized aluminum ball rack that can be customized with engraving and special colors.


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