Best Things Still Made in America

Best Things Still Made in America


100% USA Made!


Those are the list products we are bringing to you today.

Maybe you grew up on the Wonder Bread sandwich or you learned to color with the 64-color box of Crayola crayons. And we’re pretty sure you love Hershey’s chocolate!

Yup, all these products are Made in America. Made here and sold here.

Have you ever wondered how these products became and remained the best?

Keep reading!


Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Inc., is an American motorcycle manufacturer, founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1903 by William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson. Harley engines are designed and manufactured in Milwaukee, with additional parts and assembly assigned to numerous plants around the US.




Crayola art supplies, are made in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania and “has inspired artistic creativity in children for more than 100 years - since the first box of Crayola crayons rolled off the assembly line in 1903.” The plant manufactures crayons at a rate of 650 crayons per minute, with a total production of up to 13.5 million per day in 400 different colors.



postitnoteslogoFor over 35 years, 3M’s Post It Notes purchased in U.S. and Japan have been a plant in Cynthiana, Kentucky. “Its now iconic Canary Yellow color was chosen by happenstance — a lab next door only had scrap yellow paper on hand.” 3M sells more than 4,000 Post-it products in over 150 countries!















Pyrex Glassware. In 1908, Corning Inc. started making Pyrex, clear glass kitchenware products for baking made out of low thermal expansion borosilicate glass. Corning Inc. has since then sold the brand to World Kitchen in 1998 and they began making the products out of tempered soda-lime glass. Did you Know? World Kitchen has annual revenue of $213.6 million!




KitchenAid Mixers. In 1919 in Greenville, Ohio, KitchenAid’s iconic Stand Mixer was born. From this, stemmed an entire kitchen of high-performance appliances created in the US. Today, KitchenAid can make up to 7,000 of the mixers per day!



wilsonlogoWilson Footballs. Wilson, official supplier to the NFL since 1941, makes each of its leather game balls at a dedicated facility in Ada, Ohio, the oldest leather game ball factory in the world. Wilson makes 4,000 footballs per day and more than 700,000 per year, all by hand.



craftbeersCraft Beer. America now has a record-high 5,300 Breweries and counting! Craft brewers managed to capture $23.5 billion of the money spent on beer in 2016. Get Out! The most common style of beer produced by the larger breweries is the American lager, founded in the 1980s.




In Indianapolis on May 21st, 1921, Wonder Bread was born. Did you Know? The name was inspired by the International Balloon Race at the Indianapolis Speedway and is where they also got their graphic inspiration. Wonder Bread became even more popular in the 1930s when pre-sliced bread was the new thing.



The Frye Company has been creating the highest quality leather boots, shoes, bags, luggage and accessories since 1863. The very first Frye shop was located on Elm Street in Marlboro, Massachusetts. Interesting fact: They are the oldest continuously operated shoe company in the United States.



Gibson, founded in 1902 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, is an American manufacturer of guitars, professional audio equipment and other instruments. Gibson Guitar created the first electric guitar in 1936, while the first solid-body version would also be created a few years later.  




Founded in 1865, John B. Stetson Company began when the founder created the original hat of the West, the “Boss of the Plains”. This hat is the backbone of his business and is still in production today. Stetson is the world’s largest hat manufacturer, producing more than 3,300,000 hats a year in a Philadelphia factory on 9 acres.




Smith and Wesson Guns, founded in 1852, is the largest manufacturer of handguns in the US, based out of Massachusetts. Really? Their pistols and revolvers are standard for police, armed forces and sport shooters throughout the world.




Delta-13 has been a leader in the world of Billiards with their Delta-13 ball racks for over 10 years. Delta-13 began with the invention of the billiard Elite Rak for the professional players and more recently the Select Rack, for the recreational players. Delta-13 is a sponsor to Trick Shot Artist, Florian Kohler and are featured on ESPN, tours and tournaments around the world.



Cars. “There were over 1,800 automobile manufacturers in the United States from 1896 to 1930. Very few survived and only a few were started after that period.” The most popular American companies include: General Motors (GM) including Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac, Chrysler including Dodge and Jeep, Tesla Motors, and Ford including Lincoln.






Weber-Stephen Products are known for their charcoal, gas and electric outdoor grills with related accessories. Weber's charcoal-grill kettle design hasn't changed shape or design since the grill was created in 1952. The dome lid and heat reflection have been the center of burgers, hot dogs and BBQ for generations.






New Balance produces 4 million pairs of athletic shoes each year from its factories in Maine. It's the only sneaker to claim they are "Made in USA" and have been producing for over 100 years.





Burts Bee’s Lip Balm, founded in Maine in 1991 by an artist and a beekeeper, the brand began as artisan candles and then eventually to natural lip balm. Beeswax conditions skin, while antioxidant Vitamin E moisturizes. A final hint of Peppermint Oil provides that one-of-a-kind refreshing tingle.”



Hershey. The first Hershey chocolate bar was made by Milton Snavely in the 1900s and today is one of the largest chocolate manufacturers in North America. The Hershey Company headquarters is in Derry, Pennsylvania, where they call it the "Sweetest Place on Earth." Here visitors can enjoy an amusement park and tour the Hershey factory.  



Kohler Company, founded in Wisconsin in 1873 by John Michael Kohler, is an American manufacturing company known for its plumbing products, furniture, cabinetry, tile, engines and generators. They created the first bathtub and plumbing product in 1883, which they called an “enameled cast-iron horse trough/hog scalder.”



Duraflame the company started in 1986 in Stockton, California, but the first fire log was actually created in 1968 and then introduced to the market in 1972. Duraflame manufactures fire logs, fire starters and other barbecue products. 


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