Addicted to pool? Take this quiz to find out!

Quiz Q&A:

Are you an addict? An addict to pool playing! We’re not at all saying that’s a bad thing!

Take this quiz to find out:


1.  You know useless billiard facts, like what the original color of pool table felt was in the 14th century and what it symbolized.

A.  Red- Color of Blood

B.  Green- Color of Grass

C.  Blue- Color of the Sky

D.  Brown- Color of Dirt


2.  You can name 5 current professional pool players.

A.  Florian Kohler, Gabi Visoiu, Steve Markle, William DeYonker and Emily Duddy

B.  Jennifer Barretta, Brian Pauley, Matthew Webber, Mika Immonen and Ivan Lee

C.  Johnny Archer, Ewa Laurance, Andy Segal,  Willie Mosconi and Mike Dechaine

D.  Ralph Greenleaf, Darren Appleton, Shane VanBoening, Jaden Dupree and Allison Fisher


3.  Your Friday night consists of:

A.  Going to the movies, bars or dinner

B.  Practicing new trickshots / Playing Pool

C.  Sitting on the couch

D.  Sleeping


4.  You have your own pool table

A.  Yes

B.  No


5.  You know what AZB is.

A.  A trickshot

B.  A billiards website and online discussion forum

C.  A distributor of billiard products

D.  A professional’s pool name


6.  What most describes you:

A.  You’re a perfectionist, strategizing every shot you take.

B.  You possess excellent hand-eye coordination.

C.  When you play pool with others, you zone in on your game and become increasingly competitive.

D.  You spend more time talking and drinking beer than focusing on the game.


7.  I own the following:

A.  A Delta-13 Rack

B.  A Shirt

C.  A Car

D.  A Computer


8.  When you are at work you are thinking about…

A.  Work

B.  Sleeping

C.  Pool

D.  Other


9.  You play in:

A.  Pool Leagues & Pool Tournaments

B.  Fantasy Football

C.  Outdoor Sports

D.  A Band


10.  Pool is one of the safest sports in the world.

A.  True

B.  False


11.  Which number is the solid yellow pool ball?

A.  Number 3

B.  Number 4

C.  Number 1

D.  Number 7


12.  What movie is this quote from? “Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.”

A.  The Color of Money

B.  The Hustler

C.  Moneyball

D.  The Baron and the Kid

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