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A to Z Thanksgiving Gratitude List

Since Thanksgiving is this week, we wanted to do an A to Z list of what we are thankful for! Thanksgiving is one of the best days of the year because it reminds us to be thankful and to count our blessings.  


Check out our gratitude list:


A- Adventures, Animals


B- Baking, Bible, Books, Best Friends, Babies


C- Children, Coffee, Chocolate, Choices


D- Dinner Time, Dreams


E- Encouragement, Every Day


F- Friends, Family, Freedom, Fall, Food, Faith, Future


G- Generosity, God


H- Health, Home, Holidays, Hope


I- Integrity, Inspiration, Ideas


J- Job, Joy


K- Kindness, Kids, Knowledge


L- Love, Laughter, Life, Learning


M- Memories, Minds, Movies


N- Nature, Naps


O- Opportunities, Opinions


P- Pets, Passion, Parents, People


Q- Quiet Time, Questions


R- Rain, Relaxation, Religion


S- Siblings, Spouse, Sleep, Sunshine, Summer, Spring, Smiles, Surprises


T- Trust, Traveling, Today, Tomorrow, Time


U- USA, Uniqueness


V- Vehicles, Vacations


W- Winter, Wishes, Weekends, Walks, Water, Work


X- Xeroxing (we couldn’t think of any other X words!)


Y- Youth, Years, You


Z- Zodiac Signs, Zoo (Not many things start with Z…)


Feel free to share with us what you are thankful for this Thanksgiving Holiday on Twitter @thedelta13.

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