A Look Inside: The Oldest & Newest Pool Halls in America

New Pool Halls & Old Pool Halls

We went in search to find the oldest pool halls in America that are still in business today! Don't be fooled, as some of the pool halls just recently had updates done, so not all of them look as old as they really are! We also decided to incorporate some of the new pool halls that just opened in the last couple years, showing you that pool is still alive and going strong.

To start, read a little pool hall history and learn about when certain pool equipment was invented. Check out our history blog HERE!

Let’s start from the oldest and work our way to pool halls that are opening today!

 Orton Pool Room

Orton’s Pool Room

*Oldest Pool Hall in America

Established in the early 1900’s (1888) , Orton Pool Room home in Wilmington, North Carolina holds a lot of history. Originally built as the Orton Hotel in the 1800’s, years later in 1949, the building burned and only the basement with the laundry, pool hall and barber shop survived!


Who Famous Played Here? Willie Mosconi stopped in 1953, while on tour.

Mosconi, known as “Mr. Pocket Billiards”, won the World Straight Pool Championship a record 15 times from 1941-1957. He was also among the first group to be inducted into the Billiard Congress of America Hall of Fame.



Smith's Billiard Lounge

Smith’s Billiards

*Second Oldest Pool Hall in America

Originally established as a billiard academy, this pool hall is located in the historic town of Springfield, Massachusetts. Fred Smith began the academy in 1902. Said to be 114 years old.


Who Famous Played Here? Lots! One was Leo Durocher, Major League Baseball American professional baseball player, manager and coach.



People's on Beale

People’s Billiards Club aka People’s On Beale

Founded in 1904 in Memphis, Tennessee. This pool hall is home of the “hundred year old Brunswicks”. They have 8 pool tables, a jukebox and a stage.


Want to Know a Fun Fact about People’s on Beale? Beale Street is the #1 Tourist Attraction in the state of Tennessee!




Booches Pool Hall

Booches Billiard Hall

Located in Columbia, Missouri (founded in 1884, but burned down and rebuilt in 1920’s), Booches has three full-sized pool tables, two snooker tables, and one billiard table for three cushion billiards play.


Want to know something yummy about Booches? Booches cheeseburgers (served on wax paper) were named one of the Top Ten burgers in America by USA Today in 2000.




Blue Post Billiards

Blue Post Billiards

Blue Post Billiards located in Wilmington, North Carolina.  This building used to be a brothel where sailors and pirates would go after long voyages.  Although there is no date on its opening, we believe it to be at least a 100 years old and is why we have added it to our list!  Fun Fact: A scene in the movie, “Tammy” was filmed in this local bar.


Don’t be too scared if you decide to visit this pool hall... Blue Post is said to be haunted!


Nixie's Billiard Parlour

Nixie’s Billiard Parlour

Nixie’s Billiard Parlour, located in Brookville, Indiana.  Now we know this billiard hall has been around for 90-100 years, but even the owner is unsure of its start date! We are definitely still going to add it to our list for oldest pool halls though!


Want to know what their customer reviews say? Best burgers in town!




Now jumping from the oldest to the most recently opened in America. Whoever tells you pool is dead, they are most definitely wrong!

Empire Billiards and Bar


Empire Bar & Billiards


Empire Bar & Billiards opened on August 19th, 2015 in Lawrence, Kansas.  Chad Landis and Cody Henry are the owners of this new pool hall.  The pool space is one of the larger bars in town with 10,000 square feet of pool play.  Empire has 16 coin-operated tables and one nine-foot table. This new bar carries 40 different beers, plus a large selection of bourbons, ryes and whiskeys.


Want to know an interesting history fact? This space is where “The Pool Room” went out of business after about 25 years in business.




Chandley's Chalk and Cue

Chandley’s Chalk and Cue

Chandley’s Chalk & Cue opened in August of 2015, in Statesville, North Carolina.  Mike Chandley co-owns the operation with his daughter Alayna Chandley.  The pool hall features 61 Diamond Billiard tables of three different sizes.


What did you say? Chandley’s has 61 Tables with a 900 person capacity!



Break-N-Run Billiards

Break-N-Run Bar and Billiards

We now go to Twentynine Palms, California where this pool hall was opened in September 2015 by Derek Hart. The billiard hall has a DJ, dance floor, bar and six pool tables.


Ready to play pool, dance and sing? In addition to live entertainment, you have an opportunity to join in as this pool hall has weekly Karaoke nights!  




The Crimson Cue

The Crimson Cue

The Crimson Cue, located in Paso Robles, CA opening soon.  They are going to be an upscale sports bar offering Billiards, FoosBall and Shuffleboard and will sell prepackaged food and beer.


Once they are open, check out their colors! Inspired by the crimson colors of the Paso Robles High School Bearcats, Crimson Cue is set to be a gathering place for alumni.




Draw Billiards

Draw Billiards Club

Coming Soon…

Draw Billiard Club in downtown Berkeley, California is set to open soon by Paul Revenaugh and Jason Kung.  The main floor will serve as a lounge, while the basement will have 15 pool tables, plus additional bar and seating. They plan on decorating with Art Deco design and a full 1920s theme. “The downstairs billiards room will have a “speakeasy vibe,” complete with prohibition-era cocktails and custom-made “retro” billiard tables.”


Did you know? The owners previously ran Broken Rack Billiards in Emeryville and Paul Revenaugh owned and operated Sunny Side Café, until they sold them both earlier this year to open Draw Billiards Club.




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