Low vs. High Quality in Billiards

Delta-13 24K Gold Rack

Whether you play pool every day or once a month, it is important to know the difference between purchasing your lower end accessories versus your more expensive billiard accessories. You may not think it yet, but these accessories affect your game more then you think. Some would say, $60-$140 for a pool ball rack?! But after reading the differences below, we hope to change your mind and your game.


Pool Ball Rack

 Low End

  • -Plastic and wood racks bend, bow and splinter- You also have to replace more often

  • -Wear the cloth which makes you have to change your pool table cloth more often resulting in more money spent

  • -These racks are not tight or consistent

  • -No warranty

  • -Does not rack all games- you need different racks for this.

 High End (DELTA-13)

  • -Name brand recognition

  • -Last rack you will have to purchase

  • -Identifying undersized balls for a tight and consistent rack

  • -Change the cloth less often on pool table

  • -Easier to rack

  • -More money up front, but saves you money in the future

  • -Stands out between the color choices and the personalized engraving

  • -Limited lifetime warranty

  • -Racks all games


Pool Cues

 Low End

  • -Production run

  • -More frequently seen around

  • -Finishes wear easily, wood warps and grips unravel

  • -Bad tip quality

 High End

  • -Name is associated with high quality materials

  • -Custom

  • -Wood variety and low deflection shafts

  • -Hold their value

  • -Better comfort and feel which makes for a better performance

  • -Ability to break and jump with higher end cues



 Low End

  • -Wrap quality low- break and scratch easily

  • -Messy application

  • -Easy to mis-cue

 High End

  • -Name brand recognition

  • -Fine chalk for a soft, smooth and efficient application

  • -Higher wrap quality

  • -Reduces mis-cue significantly

  • -Chalk stays on cue tip longer, so you do not have to re-chalk as often


Pool Table Cloth

 Low End

  • -Woolen cloth, which is thick and heavy

  • -Balls roll slower

  • -Pilling is very common

  • -Change cloth more often

 High End

  • -Name brand recognition

  • -Worsted wool is used and is more durable

  • -Change your cloth less often

  • -“Speed” cloth, so the balls travel at a faster speed


Pool Tables

 Low End

  • -Short lived (under 5 years)

  • -Short slate, poor rail alignment and rail vibration which equals poor table play

  • -Cabinet material and top rails are made from particleboard which crumbles and decays over time

  • -Not really made out of 100% solid wood

  • -One year warranty

 High End

  • -Name brand recognition

  • -Precision play

  • -Top rail is laminate and exotic hardwoods

  • -Pure gum rubber cushions

  • -More attractive designs and unique features

  • -Tend to be Made in America

  • -Lifetime warranty


Pool Balls

 Low End

  • -Undersized balls which are not tight or consistent

  • -You will have to change your table cloth more often

  • -Shape of the balls is not guaranteed

  • -Inconsistent density which makes the balls play erratically

  • -Wear and tear creates lack of elasticity where balls will continue to roll after striking another

 High End

  • -Molecular structure, density and ball balance is high quality

  • -Change your pool table cloth less often

  • -Lasts 5x longer then low end balls

  • -Perfectly round


So, next time you go out to purchase a new table, ball rack or any other pool accessory, keep in mind how they can affect your game and your wallet. To be the best, you have to have the best.


Delta-13, Get Used to Winning.

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