Billiards in Pop Culture Through the Years: Part II

Billiard Music

At Delta-13 we heart Billiards! We are guessing you do too!  

Billiards has without a doubt had a direct impact on our culture. 

The “first played” billiards game dates back to the 15th century. For more history visit this blog. Billiards began as a lawn game, very similar to crochet. Royalty first participated in these games.

Billiards was brought to North America from Europe in 1565. Here though a popular game in social settings, for a long time was primarily played in rooms where loitering, smoking, fighting and betting also took place. As a result, especially during the 1950s-1960s, pool halls were associated with a lazy and dangerous lifestyle. The atmosphere was viewed as questionable and dangerous to most. Hence, laws were passed to place age limits inside pool halls, restrict gambling in the game and the sale of alcohol during the game.


Billiards has made a great impression through music. 

The first known song written about billiards was by The Music Man in 1957.  This was an original Broadway production and was released as a film in 1962.  His song, “Ya Got Trouble” is on our list below and caused quite a stir when it came out!  Despite the common perception we’ve discussed, this song, “Ya Got Trouble” says just the opposite about pool halls, that they are filled with people with brains, good judgment and maturity!  (Click the picture of The Music Man below to listen to his famous song.)


The public view of billiards has changed. The greatest amend came in the 1990s.


Today billiards has become known as a professional sport worldwide.

People of all backgrounds, levels, and for various reasons, have made billiards their sport of choice, whether at a pool hall, league play, bar or restaurant. So, for all of you we’ve compiled a complete list of songs that are all about BILLIARDS! Some of these you may already know well, and others may be brand new to you.


“I love pop culture. I love to be inside of it, and step outside and look back in.”- Nick Rhodes


Make sure to add them ALL to your game playlist!


Con O' Drisceoil- The Pool Song The Baron- Johnny Cash Johnny Lang- Rack 'Em Up The Toasters- Pool Shark The Faces- Pool Hall Richard Jim Croce- You Don't Mess Around With Jim Dave Dudley- The Pool Shark Mel McDaniel - The Hustler Chas & Dave- Snooker Loopy Stevie-Ray Vaughan- Dirty Pool Phil Collins- I Can’t Dance AC/DC- Sink the Pink The Music Man- Ya Got Trouble Shellac- Billiard Player Song Replacements- Shooting Dirty Pool 


Like our song list? Ok now it’s your turn!

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“I never thought so much could happen just shooting pool.” - Phil Collins- I Can’t Dance


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