What Makes Billiards SO “Cool”?

Billiards is cool


Billiards is super cool! There’s no denying it. We have come up with a list of products, ideas and items to prove to everyone why we play pool and why you should too! Some of these items are just plain cool, while others are cool and also help improve your game!

Trick shots, anyone?

The first and most important section to our list is the trick shots! Artistic pool is a sport that requires significant skills and lots of practice.  Trick shots in pool is a unique organization of the billiard balls in a way different from a regular pool play.  In trick shots, pool balls may jump over, through or in objects, be lined up and shot a specific way, used to hit other balls etc.  If you have never seen trick shots, please watch these our two stars videos; Florian ‘Venom’ Kohler and Matthew ‘The Stinger’ Webber. Could it get any cooler than this??

Billiards and a Beer? Yes please!

How many other sports can you play and drink? Ta Da! We have a leg up on the rest of the sports!

“Billiards and Beer” has actually been proven by health experts to be a great thing, specifically for “aging men.” Not only does it keep ya moving with the rest, it's one of the few sports in between shots you can sit and drink and keep socially active with other seniors.  Of course, men and women of all ages (21+) like to enjoy a beer or two while playing too!

If you want to, this game allows gambling!

Who wouldn’t want to try and make a little cash on the side? During a “hustle” the player disguises their skills in order to beat the other player.  Some players even try and distract other players, so they have a higher chance of winning and in some circumstances, they cheat to win. Some say that hustling has ruined the game of pool, but we will leave that up to the reader to decide.   

It is a super social!

Billiards is a social sport for all ages that brings old and new friends together. Pool is great for meeting new people and a fun activity to partake in with current friends. It’s game (and social) time!

It’s a great sport to bring your competition.

Billiards is a great sport to bring out your competitive juices! Whether you are playing for fun against a buddy or doing a little gambling, you can be sure to get your competition on.

There’s super “cool” custom pool products available.

For people who do not play billiards on a regular basis, they have this perception of pool being an “old timer” sport.  They think of old, run down tables and accessories.  Although this may be the case in some pool halls, this is not the case overall.

Pool has come a long way! Since billiards began, plastic and wooden racks were the norm. Nine years ago, Delta-13 designed an aluminum ball rack that allows you to not only personalize it with colors and engraving, but it is so accurate, it can identify undersized balls.  This is the tightest, most consistent, coolest rack on the market. Who wouldn’t want a Delta-13 Rack?!

Have you heard about laser cues? These are exactly as they sound. A laser is placed in the tip of the cue stick that allows for easy alignment to the ball.  This was designed to help players improve their strokes. It allows you to see any issues with your stroke and correct the problem. If you want to improve your game, Cue Sight is the place to go!

Are you a beginning player looking to improve your game? The company, Pool Live Aid has created a ceiling mounted camera that is attached to your ceiling above your pool table. This camera detects your table, cue ball and angle of the cue ball and then draws the lines of your shots, predicting the ball trajectories. If this isn’t cool, then we don’t know what is.

You can customize your playing equipment.

Every pool fanatic has the ability to make everything in their pool room decked out in customization! Now we think that is definitely cool!

Your Pool Table

Build your own pool table by choosing the style that’s right for you.  You get to create the entire table to your specifications and wishes. Most of the top pool table manufacturers will customize a table for you.  Check out Hurricane Billiards, a great example of one of those companies to learn more about building your own table.

Your Cloth

Customize your table with a one of a kind look! You can place any logo, graphic or text on your billiard cloth. This is one of the newest types of customization and we think we need one with the Delta-13 logo! If you are interested, one company that does this cool cloth is Pool Felt.

Your Cue Stick

Put together your very own customized cue stick by choosing the stain, wrap (linen or leather), wood, cue weight, tip diameter, custom artwork and engraving options! McDermott is a great example of where to go to get this done if you are interested.

Your Pool Rack

This list wouldn’t be the same without our Delta-13 pool racks.  The customer gets to pick their rack color and what they want engraved.  We can engrave text, graphics and logos on two sides of the rack and the topside! Get one of our cool Delta-13 pool ball racks today!

Your Pool Balls

Personalize your pool balls for your home table or as a gift.  You can place any text or image on the front of all of your pool balls. They have different style pool balls, including glow in the dark, marbleized, sparkle, pearlescent and more!  If this sounds cool to you, check out Cool Pool Balls.

And what’s a pool room without a cool customized billiard sign?! Get yours here.

You can even make a fashion statement!

Let’s face it, most pool tables look very similar, but not these. We found some of the coolest pool tables around including ones that light up, glass top pool tables, 100% ice pool tables, pool tables that have a TV and PS2 mounted on the sides, round pool tables that fit in any space and vintage car pool tables. One of the coolest and practical tables on the market though is the table you can play and dine on.

Who knew you could play pool and then eat dinner in the same room, on the same table, how cool is that? If you love to entertain, this is the perfect table for you. Have you bought one or want to? Fusion Tables by Aramith is the lead manufacturer of the pool table and dining room table design. The table options include wood, stainless steel and powder coated.  They even have secret compartment bench seats that you can store your billiard accessories in!

Have you ever heard of an interactive pool table?  Obscura, a creative studio, has designed the Cuelight projection system.  This can be used on any pool table as they transform the table into an interactive art display, with sensor and tracking abilities.  This system is $80,000 dollars worth of awesome! To see one in real life, visit the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

So, yeah pool is pretty cool! For more “cool” proof visit our Twitter and Facebook page. Thanks for stopping by Delta-13!

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