Shopify- How It Can Improve Your Online Business

“We saw an improvement the first week we switched over to Shopify.”
“Our online sales have never been this high!”
“For someone who isn’t very web design savvy, the Shopify backend is very user friendly, making it easy to navigate and update the site.”

All quotes from Delta-13’s Vice President and General Manager, Kristin Taggart, you can see we really like Shopify! Since we switched over to using Shopify for our online website, we have seen a great growth and improvement in our business!


“Shopify was founded in 2004 by Tobias Lütke, Daniel Weinand, and Scott Lake. Shopify development efforts stemmed from disappointment in the current ecommerce products available and a failed attempt to begin an online store for snowboarding equipment.

The product was first launched in June of 2006 advertised as a “hassle-free platform to build your ecommerce business.” Originally, Shopify was a team of 5 working as they say “out of a local coffee shop” and has grown into a “team of over 500 working in 4 offices across Canada.”


There are 243,000 Shopify stores bringing in 14 Billion dollars worth of sales, but how does Shopify help increase your web traffic and sales?

Follow these steps for the highest success rate for your online store (Shopify platform offers):

  1. Optimize every aspect of your website including your pages, blog content and images. Shopify has built in functionality on the backend of your website to help optimize the title tag, meta description, and URL of your page. This helps rank your company’s web content for keywords that are relevant to your customer.

Kristin Taggart, VP and GM: “We made sure to take the time and utilize Shopify’s optimization as we were building our site as we know it can help increase Delta-13’s pagerank.”

  1. Integration with social media through Shopify Plugins. Include social sharing buttons on the content you post, making it easy for your customers to share.

Kristin Taggart: “We have incorporated the “social share button” on all of our blog pictures, making it easy for the customer to share.”
  1. Email marketing works. Grow your relationships with your customers through Shopify’s customers analytics/insights. This allows you to reach out to your customer regarding product reviews, upselling, abandoned carts etc.

Other ways to utilize your Shopify site to get that sale:

  1. Google AdWords pay per click will increase the traffic and sales to your site. You will have to spend more money up front, but once customers start purchasing, you will find it was a wise investment.
  2. Content Marketing (blogs) attracts site visitors by providing good quality content in your blog posts. Having lots of relevant content will create more visitors.

Kristin Taggart, VP and GM: “Since we have been writing weekly relevant blogs, we have definitely seen more customer interaction both on our social media sites and through our website.”

  1. Ask your customers for Google and product reviews.  This will help your business and your page rank.

Kristin Taggart: “We used a Shopify plugin that emails our customer 2 weeks after their purchase to review our products and we have received more reviews because of it.”

  1. Upsell your products through your page layout and shopping cart.

Kristin Taggart: “I definitely think having other products on the bottom of each product page to upsell, helps our sales.”

  1. Product videos and infographics can help potential customers understand your product and provide them with the information they want and need to purchase your product.

Kristin Taggart: “Our videos and infographics help our customers to understand all of the features and benefits of our product line.”

  1. Ask other sites/submit backlinks as this will help increase your web presence. *Backlinks are incoming links to a webpage from another page. In search engine optimization (SEO), building backlinks are an important part of your site’s ranking higher on major search engines and increasing your sales. For more information on optimizing your website for SEO read here.

Shopify- How It Can Improve Your Online Business

Shopify continues to develop and grow their product to meet the demands of their growing clientele. One of these developments will be the customer option of where and how to buy either online, by delivery or by pick-up. For more information about Shopify or to start an account, visit


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Delta-13 and Shopify

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