Billiards: What Would you do?

Billiard Money

What would you do if you won $10,000 to spend on billiards? Let us give you some ideas and then we want to hear from you!


1. Juniors Sponsor

You could give the $10,000 to the BEF fund, to help support the juniors and keep the sport alive!

2. New Pool Room

You could get a nice pool table with Delta-13 accessories (of course) and have a neat new pool room!

3. Play in a Tournament

Has it been your dream to play in a large billiard tournament, but its too far away or too much to enter? Now you would have the money to participate- You could even bring a friend with you!

4. Sponsor a Tour

Do you play in a tour and wish you had better sponsors or know of a tour that is amazing you would want to help sponsor? Some great tours include our NAPA Delta-13 8-Ball Tour, the Predator Pro/Am Tour with Tony Robles and the Lonestar Billiards Tour with Kim White-Newsome.

5. Start your own League

This $10,000 would get you really far the first year if you started your own billiards league that participated in tour stops also.

6. Open your own pool hall

Place the $10,000 in a “pool hall piggy bank” and build from there until you have enough to open your own pool hall.

 7. Create your own Billiards Product

You could use the money to create an idea you have for a new product in the billiards industry.  


Comment below as we want to know what you would do with the money!  Remember it all has to be used for billiards...

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