How to be Popular when you Play Pool

Playing Pool

Would you have ever thought that billiards was popular and there would be unpopular people in the billiards world? If you want to remain cool in the industry, make sure you follow these guidelines...

1. Always have a beer in your hand. The game is more fun when your drinking!

2. Bring your best accessories to league. Who wants to see old inaccurate accessories when you play pool? Great time to show off your new high quality supplies like your Delta-13 rack.

3. Practice your game. People want to play people that challenge them.

4. Be on time... or 30 Minutes early. No one wants to wait to play pool!

5. Most importantly... Have fun! No one wants to play with debbie downers or grumpy old men.

Now... put your cool pants on and meet me in the bar so we can play pool!

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