Halloween & Pool Superstitions

In light of the holiday today, I wanted to discuss some of the Halloween superstitions we know of and a couple new ones...

Obviously the black cat means there is a witch near by. If they meow on your porch, a death in your family will occur.  Make sure not to harm the cat as you will then have 7 years bad luck. Why do we always hold our breath when we pass a cemetery? Because the evil spirits will enter our bodies if not! The old “don't walk under a ladder” and “don't break a mirror” also are said to be bad luck if either of these happen.

Here are a couple new ones that I have just learned...

When was the last time you saw a ghost? If you see a ghost, circle it nine times for it to go away. If you put your clothes on backwards on Halloween night and walk backwards at night you will get to meet a witch! And lastly...the old jack-o-lanterns. Make sure you have a burning candle inside the lantern on Halloween, so the evil spirits stay away.

Thinking about all of these Halloween superstitions got me thinking about the superstitions we have in billiards. Some of us do such strange things, but not everyone can pick up on your weirdness.

 Do you have a lucky pool shirt, underwear or socks? Do you have a specific routine on days you play pool? Do you play better with the solid or stripe pool balls? If your a gambler, do you steer clear of the $50 dollar bill because you are afraid of the unlucky superstition that comes along with it?

We would love to hear what you do to help your pool game- write below in the comments section! 

Pool Superstitions

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