How Delta-13 Racks Once Saved the World

Along time ago, back before 2007, billiards players were stuck in their old ways, racking with plastic and wooden racks. They had no idea the effect those old accessories had on their game until the Delta-13 racks were born in March of 2007. These new Delta-13 racks were made from aluminum and anodized in handfuls of colors. Each are measured on our CMM machine to ensure a consistent and tight rack. They even reduce your cloth wear, where as the plastic and wooden racks break down easy and wear your cloth. The Delta-13 racks can be custom engraved, which no other rack does. They also carry a limited lifetime warranty against bending, bowing and splintering, which cannot be said with any wooden or plastic racks. A Delta-13 rack is the last rack you will ever own and hands down one of the best pool table accessories on the market. They are heavily used by the pros and featured on ESPN. 

Delta-13 Elite Pool Rack
Now who's going out to purchase their very own world saving rack?!?

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