13 Reasons Billiards is Sweeter than...

Billiards with Friends


1. You always get to wear jeans and a t-shirt

2. You get to drink lots of beer and at a good price

3. Your get to hang out with your friends

4. You can gamble and win money

5. You can create new shots and do trick shots just like Florian Kohler

6. It's cheap to play billiards

7. You get to do “Fun Math”

8. You can make as many excuses as you want

9. You can play 24 hours

10. You can play indoors and outdoors

11. You can be apart of local, regional and national pool tours and pool tournaments in pool halls...including the NAPA Delta-13 8-Ball Tour

12. Adult time, no minors allowed

13. Pool table accessories and equipment that are fun to use and high quality including; playing with the best pool rack in the world...Delta-13!

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