Executive Billiards Changes Its Company Name to Delta-13


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September 25, 2013; Executive Billiards goes through a name change and will now operate under the name "Delta-13". Why after 6 years may you ask did the aluminum billiard accessory company change its name from Executive Billiards to Delta-13.  Terry Taggart, President and CEO of Delta-13 shares his reasoning behind the name change.   "When the phone would ring, we would answer, "Executive Billiards this is ___, how may I help you?"  The first word out of customers and distributors mouths were, "Is this Delta-13?" We wanted to rid the billiard world of any confusion, so after 6 years, we decided it would be more beneficial for our company to operate under the name Delta-13." 

Next time you pick up the phone and call us or read about us in the billiard magazines,
you will not have any confusion as to who we are and if we are in fact the producers of the Delta-13.  We have taken this small step for our customers and are confident the future will bring more success operating under this name.
For more information on our Delta-13 brand, please visit www.delta-13.com.

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