Best Pool Halls in the US – Coolest Places to Play Billiards Bucket List

Delta-13 has “pooled” (no pun intended) our resources to bring you the Best Of list in the US of top Pool Halls to play at or just visit! Whether you live in these states, are planning a trip, or maybe after reading this you will be, make sure to add these to your billiard playing bucket list. And don’t forget to share with your friends!

Best Places to Play Pool


New York, NY: Amsterdam Billiards

Home to 25 Brunswick Tables, Amsterdam Billiards is a great place to play! In addition, this location offers private pool lessons and is host to top billiard leagues. Also, don’t forget the amazing 17 Flat Screen TVs.

Did You Know?

Here they use Delta-13 Elite Ball Racks!

Home room to the player of the decade, world's #1 professional pool player, Mika Immonen, as well as Tony Robles (BCA Open 9-Ball Champion) and Jennifer Barretta (WPBA Touring Pro).


Rhode Island, Providence: Snookers Bar and Grill

Snookers is as awesome as it sounds! This place not only holds tournaments and league nights, but their very own live stream over their website and when you visit, you can view trophies and memorabilia that decorates the bar and grill’s walls.

Guess What?

Hall of Fame Wall moved to Snookers in 2009 from New England Pool & Billiards.

You can play on 15 "Brunswick" Professional Gold Crown IV 9” Pool tables with "Simonis" 860 HR Cloth.


DeKalb County, Georgia: Mr. Cue's Billiards

Going to Georgia! Mr. Cue's Billiards is in it's 32nd year of business. Its facility has 42 tables consisting of 8ft and 9ft tight tables and 6x12 Snooker tables. That’s not all! The club uses our Delta-13 Racks daily for their tournaments and regular play. Thank you Mr. Cue's for supporting our brand!

Get Out! No Way?

Way! Mr. Cue's has over 110 APA league teams that play weekly as well as a large BCA following. They are said to be one of the largest pool halls in America, so definitely a place to add to your list.


Virginia Beach, Virginia: Q-Master Billiards

The Q-Masters! They have 72 Tables (7' and 9' Diamonds, 7' Valleys, and 9' Brunswicks, a 10' Gabrielle's, all covered with Simonis 860 cloth- the best money can buy), nicely spread over 4 rooms/25,000 square feet, including a full retail department and their own in house pro shop for all your cue repairs and custom cue manufacturing by Al Blackwell. They have League and Tournament Play and the US 9-Ball Championships are held here. The walls are covered with memorabilia, trophies and articles from the world of billiards.

Interesting Fact?

Q-Master Billiards is the largest pool hall in the United States!

Richmond, Virginia: Greenleaf’s Pool Room

Don’t forget to stop into this upscale restaurant, bar and pool hall in Virginia. Greenleaf’s name was picked by the owner and life-long pool professional player, Gottier as homage to Ralph Greenleaf, a 20 time World Pocket Billiards Champion from the 1930s. He wanted to create a pool room that reflected the past he liked so much.

Guess What?

Upscale Pool Room Built in 2014 on the ground floor of the Residences at the John Marshall downtown.

The Greenleaf’s Pool Room menu is an “update 1930s luncheonette classics with a twist.”

If you are a beginner pool player, they offer free lessons!


Chicago, Illinois: Chris’ Billiards

Chris’ Billiards is a pool hall of 41 tables and green felt for miles. "It's been said that all the great pool halls involve a flight of stairs, either going up or going down. And so you'll find a flight of stairs at that pool hall."

Super Awesome!?

They shot “The Color of Money” here in 1986! Martin Scorsese, the film’s producer, stepped foot in this pool hall. Just take a moment and let that sink in.

Chicago, Illinois: Pressure Billiards

Pressure's vision is to “provide a place for the community to enjoy the company of others and partake in a great recreational sport.” A place that is fun for everyone, they have 13 Brunswick pool tables they want to portray an “intimidation free” zone.

Something Unique?

Pressure Billiards is a cafe on one side and billiards on the other! The cafe side gives a feeling of warmth and comfort while the billiard side is more contemporary and outgoing.


Edison, New Jersey: Sandcastle Billiards

Sandcastle Billiards is a great place to hang out whether you are coming to play pool for leisure or you are serious about your game. Bring all your friends as there is tons of comfortable seating to compliment your playing experience. Sandcastle is host of the Accu-Stats Video Productions. You can see their work every Wednesday on the live stream at Sandcastle.

Really They Did?

Yes! They shot “The Hustler” here in 1961.


Bellflower, California: Hardtimes Billiards

Hardtimes Billiards. Interested in finding a local “old school” professional pool player hang out? Look no further!  Hardtimes is a family establishment where Efren Reyes, Francisco Bustamante, Alex "The Lion" Pagulayan, Max Eberle, Oscar Dominguez, Ernesto Dominguez, Dave "the waive" Hemmah, and many more world champions visit frequently.

Did You Have Any Idea?

This L.A. spot is considered the "Home of the Champions" and was established in 1988.


Wilmington, North Carolina: Orton Billiard and Pool Rooms.

Last on the list, but definitely first on any pool players bucket list, Orton Billiard and Pool Rooms. This is the nation’s oldest pool hall, established in 1888. The building was the Orton Hotel, it burned down in 1949, but the laundry, pool hall and the barber shop were the only areas untouched. Don’t be fooled by it’s age, they have a lot of regulars and young professionals who play here.

Fun Fact?

In 1953, Mosconi set a world record here for pocketing 365 balls!

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