Delta-13 Answers: What Makes the Best Billiard Equipment?

Whether you are a beginner or professional billiard player, its important to know what to look for when purchasing billiard equipment and which equipment to invest in—Delta-13 is ever committed to helping you improve your game! Let’s talk about the top points to look for when shopping for your equipment. 

Billiard Accessories 

Billiard Ball Racks

At Delta-13, we know billiard racks! Here are some keys to look for:


• The break is the most important shot in the game, so you need the best rack on the market to help you achieve a tight rack. Look for a ball rack that is tight and consistent and does not bow (plastic racks), splinter (wood racks) or that needs to be replaced. The Delta-13 Racks have a lifetime guarantee. They identify undersized balls, which means the rack will be tight and consistent every time, giving you more ball spread and more balls in the pockets.

• The Delta-13 Racks reduce your cloth wear as they glide across the felt, saving you money in the long run.

• The ergonomic grip from the Delta-13 Racks help you remove the rack from the balls, giving you a perfect rack.


Cue Sticks

Now, you got your rack and we hope one of our very own Delta-13 Racks with your custom engraving! You’re ready for a cue stick. Look at our suggestions for finding your perfect cue sick!


•  A cue that matches your player skill level and game type.

•  A cue like McDermott or Predator, made of pure stable wood (wood is superior) that comes with a standard low-deflection shaft for accuracy and performance in your game.

•  Find the right weight and balance of your cue. Cues weight from 18 to 21 ounces and are designed differently for the weight to be held either in the “butt” of the cue or more forward-weighted.

• Check the straightness of your cue by “sighting it.” Hold it in both hands like a rifle and slowly turn it on a flat surface looking downwards from the “butt” end to the tip checking for any warped points. You should also check that the tip stays down without lifting and the joint does not lift off the surface as you turn the cue.

• Check the ferrule (white piece at the end of your cue) is flush to the shaft, the tip is flush to the ferrule and no glue is visible. Also, the tip should be firmly attached and shaped into a nice, even dome.



Hey, what about the chalk? Chalks vary and many players would say it does not really matter which chalk you use. Keep some of these thoughts in mind though:


• Case chalks, like Kamui chalk, that adhere well to your tip and stick to the cue ball will improve your shot.

• Look for a medium hardness in your chalk, not too soft or powdery but also not too hard or abrasive, like Master’s chalk.

• Compare color of chalk, some color of chalks have adhered better than others, for example green billiard chalk versus blue billiard chalk.

• Make sure you chalk your cue tip regularly and generously. Make it a practice to chalk before each shot. 

• The quality of your chalk will depend of its miscue limit when reaching contact with the cue ball and its amount of residue left over on the cue ball.

• You can also test your chalk with reference to your shot and the amount of cling/skid/kick caused by the chalk on the cue ball.


American Billiard Balls

Looking for quality billiard balls definitely will improve your game too:


• The American size balls should be size 2 1/4 in., weight between 5 1/2 - 6 oz. and Diameter tolerance of ± 005”. Any inconsistency of the ball size results in erratic ball behavior causing you to miss shots. The Delta-13 Rack identifies undersized balls, which means the rack will be tight and consistent every time, giving you more ball spread and more balls in the pockets.

• Look for the following ball properties: hardness, friction coefficient and resilience.

Aramith balls are made of pure phenolic resin (resistant to chemicals, moisture, impact and heat), which allows them to last longer than other balls on the market.

• Aramith balls unique polyester structure allows the balls to hold their high-gloss polish over time, resulting in minimal ball and table cloth wear.


Pool Tables

Think of this large purchase as an investment.  To play a great game, you have to play on a great table! 


There are six aspects of a pool table you should consider when purchasing: slate (offers the smoothest experience and accuracy of any material), legs (quad anchor system legs offer four nut and bolt combinations and is the most secure legs), frame (3/4" slate uses two cross beams, while 1" slate uses two cross beams and two long beams), cloth/felt (worsted cloth is best for speed and accuracy), cushions/rails (natural gum material cushions are the best as they provide a predictable bounce that will last as long as you own the table) and the equipment.

Look for a table with solid wood construction, made in America and lifetime guarantee for the best quality (Olhausen is made in the USA).

• If you are looking for commercial use, Diamond offers 3 table styles at a lower price, Olhausen offers 10 commercial tables, but the price point will be a bit higher and Brunswick offers 24 styles in various price ranges.

• Diamond tests each of their tables for quality, which no other brand does.

• Most billiard companies claim to use 100% pure gum rubber cushions, but most are made in China and contain fillers which cause the gum rubber to break down within a couple years. Olhausen Billiards is the only company to offer a lifetime warranty on their AccuFast cushions.



After you have spent money on a nice table, you’ll want to make sure to buy long lasting felt!  Follow the guidelines below to purchase the best felt for your table: 


Worsted cloth, made from wool, offers fibers that are combed before they are spun which will help with speed and accuracy. This cloth does not "pill", so this allows the balls to roll straight (Simonis Cloth).

• For the best cloth durability, look at the ounce weight and make sure it is between 18-22 ounces per yard for maximum longevity.

• Simonis cloth is specially woven and sheared specifically, so the direction of the ball is not affected by the cloth. Their cloth is also chemically processed or coated to achieve the ability to resist liquid spills.


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Delta-13 is the world's leading aluminum billiard accessory company designing and producing in Parker, Colorado. The Delta-13 billiard ball rack is the highest quality, most consistent, tight rack in the world. The balls explode, giving players more fun at the table. This pool table rack is completely safe for all cloth and is guaranteed to never warp, bow, or splinter. The Delta-13 Elite is the official rack for the WPBA, several Men’s ESPN tournaments, professional tours, and several amateur leagues. The aerospace precision design creates a powerful break preferred by professionals. This pool rack is the only personalized aluminum ball rack that can be customized with engraving and special colors.

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