Delta-13 Top Breakshot Tips: How To Break 8 Ball in Pool

florian "venom" kohler break shot

Are you a beginner pool player? Or maybe a more experienced one? How are your break shots? Here are some tips on how to break when playing 8 ball at the start of your game! 

1.  Line up your Delta-13 rack on the dot of the pool table or the second diamond line.

•TIP: Utilize Delta-13 rack center alignment marks for correct table placement. 

2.  Make sure that all your balls are “frozen.” This means all the billiard balls are static and touching with the 8 ball in the middle and tight within your rack. 

3.  Make sure there are no ball lines of stripes and solids.

•TIP: Push rack forward before lifting it to remove. If balls spin while racking, exchange them with a ball from the backside. Continue to do this until you see minimal or no ball movement. This can only be done with our Delta-13 rack as our rack identifies undersized balls, which creates the tightest rack allowing more ball spread or more balls in the pockets. This allows for a fun game and a higher chance of winning!

•TIP: When removing the Delta-13 rack, use the ergronomic grip. Removal will be easy, as the Delta-13 rack glides along the table helping save your cloth. 

4.  Set up your cue ball on the opposite side of the table behind the second diamond line. 

5.  Your goal in your first shot is to get your cue ball to hit the top ball. 

6.  Control the cue ball! Hit cue ball slightly above the center. Use a strong, hard hit for the first shot! 

•TIP: Florian tries to keep the cue ball in the center of table for better ball control.

•TIP: Always chalk your cue stick.

•TIP: Use closed hand bridge. 


If you are interested in having your own custom engraved Delta-13 rack in your preferred color, order yours here.

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