Dueling Dragon

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$ 199.95 - $ 224.95
Billiard Product Engraving


The most favored of all the zodiac signs is the dragon. The dragon is a symbol of the Chinese emperor and those born under this sign are believed to be lucky and strong. The ball rack features The Dueling Dragons fighting over the Delta-13 Logo. This special engraving was designed by Jacqueline S. Taggart for those that love to collect dragons and those that want the coolest rack on their pool table. 

 Each rack comes with the engraved number and the signature of Ms. Taggart. This ball rack is designed with aerospace technology in a precision machine shop by the name of Tag Team Manufacturing in Parker, Co. 
With only 100 made, once sold through the design will be discontinued... 
 You have not seen balls explode on the break until you use the Delta-13 Elite.  Made in the U.S.A.


  • - $25- Printout of CMM Measurement
  • - 4 Color Options

Patents: US D595.383 | US D577.091 | Europe: RCD000920608-0001 | RCD000920608-0002

  • NOTE: Actual product engraving and color may vary from online picture

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