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The two owners have been working together as stone artisans for over 20 years. With one owner having mechanical and engineering knowledge and the other having CAD and engineering abilities, they came together to create a new form of industrial artwork.  They discovered a...

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This small business was started when the owners wife was searching for a gift for a male in the family.  She came across an over priced golf club bottle opener at a boutique and told her husband he could make...

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This company is based out of Louisville Kentucky, "home to bourbon enthusiasts, antique hunters, collectors of obscure ephemera & makers of all sorts of things." They recycle Bourbon bottles and turns them into beautiful light fixtures. They have an act for turning...

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This small business crafts each piece individually to meet your wine and whiskey enthusiast lifestyle. The owner knew he wanted a barrel fire pit for his backyard, but after the high cost of the ones he found, he decided to build his own and...


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