Yorba Linda Pool Table Chandelier

$ 3,500.00
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$ 3,500.00

Made in America

The owner has a background in lighting spanning 20 years, while working as a union certified lighting technician in the Southern California movie industry. On one of his first jobs, he was given the task to create a light inside of a briefcase, so that when the briefcase opens, a light bursts onto the faces of the actors in Pulp Fiction. 

The company was founded by combining a love of modern form and the challenge of repurposing and recycling objects. They design and create pendant lamps, chandeliers and wall sconces.

This unique pool table chandelier is made from poplar hardwood, steel pipe and steel funnels. This 11 lamp chandelier is a classic industrial age style light with its steel brackets, braided wire rope and aluminum pulley wheels. 

- Colors include: Black and Oil Rubbed Bronze

-Measurements: Length: 58″, Width : 22″ and Weight: 67 lbs

-Made in America

-Ships in 2-3 weeks.

The center of the metal ceiling canopy attaches to electrical box where you will need two lag screws to mount to cross beams in the ceiling. 


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